Disco endeavours

Certainly, one of the biggest attractions in Anastasia’s interior is the main saloon and dining area. The owner apparently thought that a luxurious and opulent main saloon would be a waste, as most of his friends and family would simply be playing with the water toys, or finding their way onto the sundecks, merely using the saloon as a large passage way. With that in mind, the saloon was designed to be a multi-purpose party zone, rather than a giant sitting room. The design is such that all the furniture can be easily and quickly moved aside, creating a giant dance floor.

Given the frenetic pace that the owner and family like to keep, it shouldn’t be a surprise that nightime is the time for partying and dancing. Once the furniture is moved aside and dance space revealed, a smoke machines, laser lights, and a dedicated sound system with recessed speakers are in place to create the night club feel.

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Should the demand for night time entertainment extend to live music acts, the upper aft sun deck just beyond the main saloon can be converted into a stage. Once the band plugs into the yacht’s powerful sound system, the gig gets going.

It’s often the case that designers will look to nature for inspiration in colour schemes or decorations. Sorgiovanni went a step further, installing a very large aquarium that separates the main saloon-disco area from the main dining space. This is one of the showpieces of the yacht’s interior, and its an inspired choice. The aquarium includes an artificial coral reef with a very lifelike appearance, along with sets of tropical fish. The effect of all this colour, toplit to mimic the effect of the sun’s rays, is very funky indeed, especially when set against the surrounding earthy tones of the overall layout. For dancers getting their groove on, the aquarium provides added visual thrills, while those enjoying a stately meal can marvel at the display.

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Sundecks majeure

Naturally enough, you’d expect a family that likes being on the water to also like being outdoors, which means Anastasia’s sundecks are plentiful and big. Starting on the aft deck on the main deck, there is a spiral staircase running up to the upper deck with its much larger sunbathing and lounging area. This connects with a very relaxing upper saloon.

Moving up another level takes you to the sun deck, which is aptly titled. Here, you find a huge amount of space, suitable for guests to lounge about, or to have a truly top flight party, should the need arise. This large sundeck area is connected to a forward sunning area replete with a small, glass-sided pool and surrounded by a C-shaped settee. With its forward facing views from on-high, this is a great place to pass the time while Anastasia is underway, perhaps looking for an even-more inviting place to anchor. The sunpads of the settees extend right up to the pool – a very nice touch. Between this forward pool-lounge area and the main sun deck is a fully-equipped fitness centre. In case all the dancing and water games aren’t enough to keep you limber and toned, you’ll find the right bit of exercise equipment to keep fit in this room.

As if all this wasn’t enough, our trip to the top of Anastasia ends with the observation deck. At this level, you really will feel like you’re the king of the world, as you can survey from a sheltered sun pad right around the horizon.

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A sight of the lines

Oceanco’s previous launch, Alfa Nero, was well known for shaking up the so-called wedding cake look of so many of the Med’s big white boats. In a similar way, Sorgiovanni worked hard to develop a look for Anastasia that defied convention. The results speak for themselves, as Anastasia certainly has a look of her own.

The shearline begins a downward movement near the mid-way mark, and visually connects the decks aft. Rather than having an long, sloping transom, Anastasia features a rounded finish on her profile at the waterline. In keeping with her sport-oriented nature, the look of Anastasia almost seems like that of a sport powerboat rather than a megayacht. At the top deck, two pairs of wings extend upward at an angle; one at the sides of the deck, another pair located on the communications mast. These lend to the racy feel of the yacht.

To add a traditional touch, Anastasia’s transom/lazarette door was given a wood-like finish. Paired off against the dark blue of the hull and lower decks, it is a very distinctive finish.

In all, Sam Sorgiovanni and Oceanco have produced a megayacht that does more than serve as a floating cocktail palace. Anastasia offers her guests every opportunity to enjoy the water, and stay active during the evening. There will be few guests that have trouble getting to sleep at night.

The interiors fit the life of a person who values relaxation, but doesn’t need to see ornate trimmings to feel at ease. Perhaps the only tip of the hat towards a bit of avant-garde flash is a Czech sculpture that runs up and down the main staircase. It is a series of twisty glass tubes emanating from a central cylindar that is centred inside the spiral staircase that connects all the main decks. Although it is meant to resemble kelp, when the glass tubes are lit with blue, it looks like a series of electrical sparks running through the boat. Perhaps that’s a fitting touch for a yacht that is geared to those who get a rise out of some hair-raising thrills.


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