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Aegean Yachts - Montigne

The spectacular SY Montigne was purchased by an Asian businessman, who intends to bring the dragon touches of his new build to Southeast Asia for luxury charter from September

The Albanian coast is shrouded in mist, giving it an almost sinister feel, which merely adds to the secrecy that surrounded this country for so long. The wind is sadly missing and the three, tall, elegant masts of Montigne, our 57-metre yacht, stand straight, but look barren without any sails. We navigate our way around the top of the Greek island of Corfu and pass the offlying islands of Erikoussa, Mathraki and Othoni. Then leaving Matraki to port, we motor southeastwards down the western coast of the island.

Then, the breeze picks up and Captain Richard Felton orders the sails unfurled. The fully-battened mizzen flies first, then the two furling mainsails, followed by all three headsails. With six sails set, the engines are shut down. Suddenly, we are at one with nature. The skies are clear, and the Ionian Sea yields a deep azure blue, topped with creamy crests. The wind quickly fills our sails – this is luxury yachting at it was intended.

Montigne 1

Montigne was built by Turkish yard Aegean Yachts, for an experienced yacht owner who hails from Southeast Asia. She is the well-executed culmination of the many thoughts and experiences the owner has had when sailing in his other yachts. Her very customised interior shows the owner’s personal taste and ideas, while the spaciousness of the guest areas, something unusual in a sailing yacht, are clearly valued by an owner’s whose last boat was a large motor yacht.

Forward, sheltering under the impressively long bowsprit, are the smiling features of a massive dragon, which presages the yacht’s stately progress through the water. Should you approach Montigne from the aft end miss the monster in the bow, two more carved dragons curl around the yacht’s stern, its beautiful counter design fashioned in a style that typifies yachts built, like this one, in Bodrum. Dragons are traditionally believed to be the rulers of rivers and seas and dominate the clouds and the rains of heaven. So it is fitting that they have such an important role in the décor of this superyacht. They play the most venerated role within Chinese mythological tradition and of the twelve animals used in the Eastern Zodiac, it is the only mythical creature. The dragon has become a very popular symbol used to signify wealth.