Last looks are good

In profile, the 800 looks dynamic. There is hardly a straight line above the deck and the looks are enhanced by the bronze coloured panels above the wheelhouse. The seemingly  random placement of the hull windows detracts from these good looks, but that is a penalty for having good natural light in the interior.

For the test run in the 800, the Mediterranean had recovered from the winter storms and was virtually calm. The biggest waves were those created by our wash and the 800 treated those as though they did not exist. With its moderate vee hull and sleek lines there is no reason to believe that the 800 will not perform well in rough seas and it certainly demonstrated its sports boat like agility when navigating among the many fishing marker buoys out at sea.

Ferretti 5

The 800 is sensitive to trim and the speed could be increased by up to one knot at a constant throttle setting by lowering the flaps the give a more level trim. This may be due to the full fuel tank which is located aft but for those seeking economy adjustment of the trim could make a significant difference. To moderate the rolling, the 800 is fitted with a pair of gyro stabilisers, but the calm conditions did not give any chance to test their effectiveness.

This new addition to the Ferretti range breaks new ground in some aspects of the design, and it is also a tribute to the detailing quality of the Ferretti  team. It is great to see a return to simple interiors that manage to combine the practical requirements of sea-going operations with a warm and welcoming appeal. With this design, Ferretti has moved a step forward to meeting the requirements of providing good visibility from the helm stations. The 800 is a great new addition to the Ferretti range.

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Technical Specifications – Ferretti 800

LOA                                                    24.73 metres

LWL                                                   20.50 metres

Beam                                                     6.28 metres

Draught                                                 1.88 metres

Displacement (Laden)                         74.83 tonnes                                       

Engines                                               2 x 1800 hp MAN V-12 diesels

Drive type                                           Vee drive gearboxes then propellers and shafts

Speed (max/cruise)                              31/27

Range at 27 knots                               305 miles

Fuel capacity                                       6750 litres

Bow and stern thrusters                      Side Power                 

Generators                                           2 x 20KW Kohler

Watermakers (Manf, litres per day)    Idromar 4320 litres per 24 hours

Freshwater capacity                            1320 litres

Communication/navigation electronics Furuno/Raymarine

Entertainment systems                        Bose Home Cinema

Owner and guests (number)                8

Crew (number)                                    4

Construction                                       Composites

Classification                                      A

Naval architect (name/company)        Gianni Zuccon and Ferretti Advanced Yacht Design

Interior designer (name/company)      Studio Zuccon

Builder/year (name/company, address, tel/e-mail, web)

                                                            Ferretti spa

                                                            Via Ansaldo 9/B

                                                            47100 Forli


+39 0543 474 411

Price guide                                          TBA

Ferretti 8