Silver guy

Circling Silver Zwei as she was anchored in Causeway Bay, I had a chance to get a good look at her magnificent hull lines. In profile, her long, sleek exterior is accentuated by the profile that has been done to lower windage, especially in the forward sections. Yet, as you turn around the bow, it’s impossible not to notice the very fine entry, with a huge chine that starts at the bow and widens quickly to the full beam of the boat, yielding as much volume as possible while keeping the hydrodynamic efficiency up.

Going on board, I am greeted by Guido Krass himself. Touring Silver Zwei starts with a look at the aft main deck. This area is spacious, despite the narrow beam. What is sacrificed in width is made up for in length. Krass and Oeino created a long aft deck with lots of space for al-fresco dining and entertaining. This is buttressed by the large aft-swimpad, with a fold-up transom that creates a sizeable beach club. Connected to the main aft deck via gently sloping staircases, this is a surprisingly large outdoor fun space.

Zwei 5 1

Zwei 6 2

Through the main aft doors, one enters a large room that combines lounge, saloon and dining area into one, well-lit space. Browns, tans, whites and oranges are the dominant colour themes. I had heard that was due to Krass’ desire to have an African theme in the main saloon; he replies that he always thought the look and feel of the 70s was the reason.

The main bulkhead that separates the dining area from the galley/crew area is nicely decorated with a full size photo of African terrain, taken by another of Krass’ friends, Michael Polazi, who chartered a hot air balloon across Africa for the purpose of creating a photobook.

Moving forward along the starboard-side passageway, we find the off-centre staircase that leads down to the guest cabins. Silver Zwei has berths for up to 18 people in eight cabins. Thanks to its SOLAS certification, Silver Zwei can handle up to 36 people for day charters (not more than 60 nautical miles from safe harbour), a design and engineering feat for which Krass is proud.

Zwei 7 1

Zwei 8