Asian sojourns

Guido Krass named his company Hanseatic Marine in part because of the Hanseatic League, a medieval trade grouping of cities in northern Europe that did business “on a handshake”, according to Krass. Whether that is wistful nostalgia or not, it certainly indicates the way Krass would like to do business. As a trading organisation that sought collective rights for member city-states that bordered on the Baltic Sea, the Hanseatic League nearly became a state in its own right, at one point even fighting wars against competing Baltic states, and owning some of the largest trading ships of the time.

Zwei End

Till now, Krass’ business interests have been limited to Europe, and to Australia with the opening of his shipyard. That may be changing as his gaze begins to fix more on Asia. During his trip to Singapore and then to Hong Kong, he mentions that he’s been been taking note of potential opportunities in the region. Further explorations may open up other ideas. For a man so devoted to energy efficiency, there is surely much to be done in Asia, and to this, Krass agrees.

Hanseatic Marine is now working on its third project, though Krass is reluctant to give details. It also has a concept ready for an ultra-efficient support vessel that would shadow a mother yacht, bringing extra toys, supplies, crew and fuel as needed. Silver Zwei will be remaining in Asia for a little while yet. As it does so, the notion that efficiency equalling elegance may begin to catch on.