Hydro 2


There are also more subtle adjustments and fittings. Water ballast can be channelled into whichever is the windward float in order to provide extra weight to help balance the boat in stronger winds. Up to one tonne of water can be added in this way using a scoop to pick the water up and a valve to empty it. The two side foils are supported by shock absorbers of the type fitted to aircraft wheels. If the foils become overloaded then these shock absorbers will allow some movement to relieve the stress. The carbon fibre foils have been constructed to withstand up to 20 tonnes per square metre, which gives some idea of the high stresses on the hull.

The whole hull structure has been engineered to aircraft standards using carbon fibre laminates combined with titanium fittings, with much of the construction work being carried out by Airbus Industries, the aircraft manufacturer in France. The total weight of the boat is only 7.5 tonnes.

Hydro 3