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Art of Kinetik — Hedonist

Serbian builder Art of Kinetik stormed the yacht world two years ago with its brazenly named Hedonist – now that sense of daring is making its way to Asia

Serbia is not a location that springs to mind when thinking of large sports cruiser building. When Serbia-based Art of Kinetik planned to enter this market they knew they had to produce something special to make the yachting public take notice. The result is Hedonist, which is one of the most advanced power yachts on the market today. This is not the yacht for those who want to be anonymous when they go boating, because the startling styling of the Hedonist will make it the centre of attention in any marina.

The name Art of Kinetik says it all. The stunning styling of this yacht is matched to dynamic performance. This is a sensuous match of art and technology that is both exciting and dramatic. This is advanced powerboat design in a form the takes your breath away and which will make it the focus of attention wherever it goes.

Art Of Kinetik Hedonist 5

Not only are the looks stunning but the technology is state of the art. The hull and superstructure are built from entirely from mahogany, a beautiful warm wood that is laid up in cold moulded fashion to create an immensely strong and integrated structure. There is a softness about a wooden hull that dampens out the sound. Wooden hulls also have the effect of providing good insulation and creating a dramatic lustrous finish on the outside.

The rich tones of the high gloss mahogany are matched to a deep vee hull that provides a smooth ride in waves. The unusual bow shape with its reverse stem harks back to a previous era but there is logic in the shape because it extends the waterline length at low speeds to give improved economy and it lifts clear as the hull rises onto the plane. The superstructure flows aft in a sensuous curve with only a slight rise to accommodate the windscreen and then it drops away towards the stern where sharp edged styling takes over.

Art Of Kinetik Hedonist 3

There is sound logic in the propulsion system as well. Three 800 hp MAN diesels are matched to Rolls Royce water jets. This provides a very compact installation at the stern so that there is maximum space for accommodation. The centre water jet is only a booster unit with no steering or reverse and this arrangement allows great flexibility in the way that the boat can be operated. For long range cruising just the two outside engines or even one, can be used to provide an economical performance with the centre engine switched in when top speed in required.

With a top speed of 42 knots at full load, there is performance to spare. For cruising, a speed of 33 knots can extend the range and provide a comfortable ride. With this level of performance the focus in the open-ended deck saloon is on the helm, where three dedicated seats face the impressive dashboard. Behind this is a sitting out area that leads aft to the raised tapering sunbed.

 Art Of Kinetik Hedonist 4

Down below there is a large saloon with an adjacent galley in the forward area with the option of two or three cabins aft. The interior styling is stunning in a warm modern fashion with many of the fittings and fixtures designed specifically for this yacht.

 Art Of Kinetik Hedonist 6

The quality of this yacht can be seen in the detail. There are no screws or plastic to be seen anywhere. Leather is used extensively in the interior and the decks are finished in a traditional raw teak. Highlighted contrasts are created on the exterior with beautifully finished stainless steel and the anchor is hidden away below the deck but can be deployed with an automatic system specially developed by the Art of Kinetik engineers. For a tender the designers have created a special jet ski that fits into a garage below the sunbed aft.

Art Of Kinetik Hedonist 2

This yacht takes your breath away in it concept and execution. But to match it, the designers have created a beautiful 30-foot day cruiser that takes many design features from a traditional gentleman’s motor launch of the 1930’s and brings the concept right up to date with modern materials and engineering. Like its bigger sister the styling is both daring and beautiful and Art of Kinetik has arrived on the motor yacht scene with a tour de force that sets new standards of style and performance at sea.

In Hong Kong and Asia:

Technical Specifications – Art of Kinetik Hedonist

LOA: 19m

Beam (max): 5.3m

Draught: 0.95m

Displacement full load: 32500kg

Accommodation:        2+3

Max persons on board : 12

Hull type:        Planing

Certification – Notified body:            RINA S.p.A

Navigation category:   (2003/44/EC) CE category "B"

Engines:          3 x 800 hp MAN R6-800

Propulsion:      3 x Rolls Royce Kamewa waterjets

Fuel tank:        3500lts

Fresh water tank: 650lts

Top speed at full load: 42kts

Cruising speed: 33kts

Fuel consumption at top speed: 430 lts/hour

Fuel consumption at cruising speed: 330 lts/hour

Range at top speed: 320nm

Range at cruising speed: 370nm

Tender boat     AOK custom made PWC

Control and monitoring system          Böning Automationstechnologie