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Azimut - Magellano 50

The Magellano 50 from Azimut builds on the brand’s first experience with the introductory 74, giving owners the chance to cruise long distances economically and in style

The Magellano 50 ticks all the right boxes: It looks good, it does what the makers say it will do, and, if you get the right options, it has excellent green credentials. The Azimut designers have always been ahead of the game as far as modern style and interiors are concerned, but with the Magellano 50 they have excelled. This advanced yacht has won awards in many categories, including the prestigious UIM Green awards.

The Magellano series represented a new departure for Azimut when the prototype Magellano 74 was introduced four years ago. The concept was developed with the aim of creating a new breed of motor yacht that could offer extended cruising while burning the minimum of fuel and which still offered the owner the ability to cruise in style and comfort. The Magellano yachts feature a unique hull design, developed by the Dixon Design team in Britain, which allowed very economical performance at displacement speeds up to 12 knots, but which could still allow higher speeds when the owner was in a hurry.

The Dixon hull is a new type of semi-displacement concept with a lower rounded section that extends out to create a hard chine at the waterline. The idea is that the hull will behave as a conventional displacement hull at low speeds but when more power is applied and the hull lifts in the water, the waterline beam narrows to give more efficient semi-displacement speeds. The vertical bow of the Magellano yachts helps to increase the waterline length, which gives greater efficiency at lower speeds.

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All this is hidden underwater. What you see above the water is an elegant and stylish motor yacht – what might be termed a gentleman’s motor yacht. There is a strong vertical component to the styling with the vertical bow and the vertical mast. This traditional style has been combined with a distinct sporty look, and this combination creates a motor yacht that is easy to fall in love with. The first of the Magellano range was a 74, where the length was a good balance to the vertical styling. It has been more of a challenge to the designers to transfer this balance to the shorter Magellano 50. They have succeeded beyond expectations.

Azimut has managed to include a huge number of innovative features into this 50-footer. There is a forward cockpit where it is possible to sit out in the sun when moored stern-to in the marina and enjoy a high degree of privacy. Azimut enlarged the space in the stern cockpit by cantilevering the transom settee out over the swim platform. Every cabin in the accommodation has large side windows to enhance the light and space. Perhaps the most innovative feature is the Easy Hybrid Plus system of electric propulsion, developed by Azimut engineers and which allows silent electric propulsion at up to seven knots.

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This hybrid system is a (somewhat costly) option comprising a pair of powerful electric motors that also work as generators coupled into the propulsion system. There is also a large bank of batteries and the electric motors can work off these for the times when silent running is required. When the diesels are in operation, the motors become generators and charge the batteries. Everything is computer controlled. If you open the throttles when using electric power, the diesels will automatically cut in.

Another option on the 50 is to have joystick control. The joystick fits into the arm of the helm seat and this gives you total control of the yacht during low speed manoeuvres. Point the joystick in the direction you want the yacht to move and the computer does the rest. You can also change the heading at will, so everything is at your fingertips to carry out a precise and gentle docking.

There are even more options in the layout, with no less than four different ways that the lower deck can be arranged. You can have a two-stateroom layout that leaves space for a lower lounge and a small office between them. Another option is to replace the office with a two-bunk cabin or you can retain the office and the two bunk cabin is then on the other side. Finally, the two bunks can be replaced by a single ensuite cabin.

Up at main deck level, there are fewer options and the basic layout of a central surround settee with the galley aft is standard. There is a passageway up to the single seat helm and then on down to the lower accommodation with a sideboard and storage filling in the space. It all makes for easy movement about the yacht, but having the galley in the aft location just by the cockpit doors is a real bonus. This lets the cook stay close to guests, whether they are inside or in the cockpit. It is very easy to server drinks and food to either the saloon or the cockpit.

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There is good visibility from the helm, with the windscreen mullions kept refreshingly narrow. The dashboard has been kept very simple and there is only space for a single electronics screen and no room to add any extras. You get the feeling that the helm was not high on the list of priorities, but it works well for most situations.

There are further dining options up on the flybridge and at the seating on the coachroof forward and that flybridge table can be served from the barbecue up here. In order to keep the overall height down you do feel a bit exposed on the flybridge even when seated at the single seat helm and everything including the dashboard is above the level of the low reverse angle windscreen. The single pole mast towers above, providing a clear view for the radar and other antenna. There is a sun bed aft of the mast.

The main engines are a pair of 425-horsepower Cummins diesels that drive through a conventional shaft and propeller system, with the propellers operating in semi-tunnels. At full power, these give an excellent top speed of 21 knots and a comfortable and economical cruising speed would be in the region of 16 knots. Combine this with a 3000-litre fuel tank and there is range to spare, particularly if you come down to a ten knot speed when the range is over 1000 miles.

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The 50 is a brilliant yacht in harbour and offers a great deal of luxury and comfort. Out at sea, the single helm seats do leave the helmsman a bit lonely if the action has moved aft to the cockpit and if the seas are lively then guests can be a bit exposed because of the limited amount of secure sea-going seating. However this is a yacht that is designed for leisurely sea-going performance and the hull is easy riding and not given to wild movements at sea.

The wide chine in the hull can cause a bit of harshness when heading into the seas and if you are pushing the yacht hard. Easing back on the throttle brings back the comfort level. The chine controls the spray well and the performance of this yacht gives a great deal of confidence. Combine that confidence with stunning good looks and practical layout, and you have one of the most desirable motor yachts in this popular size category on the market today.

Azimut will be launching a baby sister to this 50 in the near future, the Magellano 40 and if they manage to develop this small Magellano to the same high standards then it will be transform the entry-level motor cruiser market in the future.

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Technical Specifications – Magellano 50

LOA: 15.65 m

Hull length (incl. platform): 14.98 m

Beam: 4.65 m

Draught: 1.32 m

Maximum speed (at half load): 21 kts

Cruising speed (at half load): 16 kts

Displacement: 25 tonnes (full load)

Cabins: 2/3

Berths: 4/6

Heads: 2

Fuel capacity: 3000 lts

Water capacity: 700 lts

Engines: 2 x 425 hp Cummins diesels

Propulsion: Shaft and propeller

Hull design: Dixon Design

Exterior styling: Cor D Rover

Interior design: In house