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Benetti – Ocean Paradise

Ocean Paradise, the 55-metre from Benetti, went to a Singaporean businessman keen to make his own mark on the superyacht scene in Asia, with a yacht that features plenty of greenery on the inside and a lot of mood lighting to create a serene effect

Built in aluminum and steel, the 55-metre Ocean Paradise is based on a tested Benetti platform, yet rich with innovative interiors, especially with regards to partitioning, design, decor and fitting out. With Ocean Paradise, Benetti made this yacht an example of customised solutions for a very involved owner: from the furnishings to the highly elaborate illumination plan, with the use of novel architectural solutions and the combination of both transparent and opaque materials that emphasize the traditional relationship with the sea, or a more contemporary look and feel, as required. Benetti Ocean Paradise 4Benetti Ocean Paradise 6All this is coordinated and managed by BEST (Benetti Exclusive Sea Technology), the wireless electronics system adopted by the yard aboard several vessels. Many of these innovations aboard Ocean Paradise were developed by the yard's technicians and designers, based on specific requests by the owner – a young businessman from Singapore – who was always closely involved in the phases of design and construction. Benetti Ocean Paradise 25Benetti Ocean Paradise 31Ocean Paradise is characterized by several notable elements, such as the designer's research for solutions that guarantee communication between adjacent environments and especially with the sea, even while relaxing in the main saloon or lunch area. This was obtained by the study and development of the height of the opaque elements, and the adoption of Plexiglas and crystal materials, with the absence of bulwarks in the floor to ceiling windows in the salon. Minimalist, but never cold, and always connected with the sea: these were some of the guidelines given by the owner for the development of this project. The Benetti team of interior and exterior designers interpreted the desires of the owner, bringing it to an ideal fruition from both the technical and esthetic/functional points of view. Benetti Ocean Paradise 28There are four guest cabins, all located on the lower deck, with access from a central hall connected to the main deck foyer. Each cabin has its own spacious baths, and a view of the sea is guaranteed by ample portholes. The Owner's suite is located on the forward portion of the main deck, and stretches the full width of the yacht. This environment, both in size and position, is also unique for aspects such as expansive bathroom and the side terrace. Here, like in the rest of the vessel, a major study was conducted by the design team of lighting and illumination, which then resulted in just the right atmosphere throughout the yacht. This results from the use of LED and LED RGB, skillfully hidden in the cladding and managed by sophisticated, yet simple to use systems. Benetti Ocean Paradise 34Benetti Ocean Paradise 33Light is of primary importance throughout the entire Ocean Paradise project. Natural light, filtered through ample openings in the yacht's structure, in addition to transparent solutions such as the crystal skylight, and artificial light, with temperature controlled color to match the natural light. Special attention was given to the passageways used by the owner, guests and crew. They are always kept separate but the crew area also able to ensure rapid service to all shared living and private areas. Benetti Ocean Paradise 39Benetti Ocean Paradise 7There are numerous solutions adopted to exploit the spaces and volumes designed to guarantee comfort and contact with the sea aboard the Ocean Paradise: one is the aft beach area with adjacent relax zone and sheltered service areas, complete with a large platform created by lowering the transom door. To create an open air area, yet hidden and independent from the tender garage and launching area, the Benetti designers have developed a system of lateral openings, complete with a mooring platform for jet-skis or the custom made 6.2-metre tender, which is stowed inside the garage while under way. The resuce boat is housed in its own forward garage, and so is therefore hidden from the view of the guests and protected from the sea. The Jetskis are mounted on the foredeck in an area separate from the circuit used by the owner and his guests. Benetti Ocean Paradise 35Benetti Ocean Paradise 26The owner, who also has interests in interior design, was a very active participant in the design of the ambience, with the objective of creating a natural and relaxing atmosphere, where encased Zen gardens appear. In bringing the natural greenery of plants aboard using transparent surfaces that double as display cases and natural light openings for the interior, Ocean Paradise gains a particularly eclectic atmosphere.Benetti Ocean Paradise 27Benetti Ocean Paradise 29Benetti Ocean Paradise 43For his yacht, the owner has commissioned details such as the wardrobe door handles (designed by the winner of a design competition), light switches, light fixtures, automatic hatch and panel latches, chromatic contrasting leather stitching, completely cladded leather interiors for lockers, and the many “hidden” storage areas perfectly integrated among the various environments. Benetti Ocean Paradise 38Benetti Ocean Paradise 42Benetti Ocean Paradise 41The design motive of every area, even the smallest and least visible, has been customised by the owner to ensure coherency with the entire project's inspiration. This is also true of above decks, where we find an oversize swimming pool with waterfalls on the sun deck, and furnishings that suggest natural environments and facilitate the view of the sea. There is also a gym on the sun deck which dominates the ocean, and a mini bar with DJ console. Benetti Ocean Paradise 9Benetti Ocean Paradise 14Technically, the Benetti FB 263 keeps to a classic configuration: steel displacement hull, with a displacement of 651 tonnes and 710 gross tonnage. There are two CAT 3512C (1765 kW) motors with 2,367 horsepower, which guarantee the yacht's performance; a cruising range of 4000 nautical miles at an economical cruising speed of 12 knots, with an easily reachable top speed of 17 knots and a fast cruising speed of 15.5 knots using 85 percent of the available propulsion power. Benetti Ocean Paradise 37The bridge features the “Integrated Bridge” Benetti technology, enabling the crew to quickly and easily monitor all onboard systems, guaranteeing safety and easy repair access when necessary. Using touch-screens, the system displays the state of all onboard systems, managing both alarms and function monitoring. From the bridge the crew has complete control of the vessel and is immediately informed of any malfunctions, even from remote areas of the vessel. This advanced system, adapted by Benetti, also allows monitoring of the AC systems to rationalize the system's energy consumption while underway in varying atmospheric conditions. Benetti Ocean Paradise 32Benetti Ocean Paradise 40The bridge also has modern design elements, as well as some classic in the form of the stitching in the leather work to complement the advanced technology.  Completely clad in leather with contrasting stitching and  several different illumination settings,  the walk-around instrument console and separate chart table, make the Bridge on board seem from another time. The exterior of the wheel house allows undisrupted access from the wing station to wing station and from where the Captain has excellent visibility for docking operations, and severs as an exterior crew lounge as well. Benetti Ocean Paradise 24