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CRN - Darlings Danama

The 60-metre superyacht from CRN, Darlings Danama, offers guests an artistic, art-deco approach to life at sea, as well as a master suite that redefines what the good life can be.

CRN, the superyacht brand in the Ferretti Group, launched the 130th yacht in its line, the 60-metre Darlings Danama, which was proudly showcased at the 2012 Monaco Yacht Show. Built with a steel hull and aluminium superstructure, the yacht was ultimately delivered to a European owner who was clearly wanting to have something unique to show to his friends. Darlings Danama can accommodate up to 12 guests, spread out in five guest cabins and the spectacular master cabin, served by 14 crew. 

 Crn Darlings Danama 9

But it is the onboard styling that really makes this yacht special. Regular Ferretti Group collaborators Zuccon International Project worked on the exterior styling, in conjunction with the technical office of CRN. But to achieve the minimalist and artistic look of the interior, the owners turned to their own architects, Cristina and Alexandre Negoescu, who was quoted as saying that “Zen is the trend in yacht interiors today, paired with very high quality materials.” For Darlings Danama, the owner wanted a look that was “contemporary and convivial”, with a big focus on interior volumes and spaces. 

Crn Darlings Danama 10

Contemporary is a good word to describe the look and feel of Darlings Danama. The convivial part is up for debate. But to be sure, a visitor won’t quickly forget the experience of being on board. In addition to the styling of the Negoescus, the owner of Darlings Danama opted for works of art and furniture to be done by Herve Van Der Straeten, a prominent engineer/artist whose work is sold by Neiman Marcus and is often found in the homes of the very wealthy. 

Entering into Darlings Danama, one finds a very light-toned world of white oak and circular patterns – all very Zen. The interior, which features big open spaces, are mainly monochromatic and designed to give a peaceful yet modernistic appeal. All lobbies feature big glass panels to enhance the openness and finery, with the panels decorated and handmade by Atellier Meriguet-Carrere, a French artist who also made bas-relief decorative panels found in the main hall and in the dining room. Adding to the finery feel is a glass elevator that connects all the decks. 

Crn Darlings Danama 11 

But it is on the main deck saloon that you get the full impact of the design choices aboard Darlings Danama. Here, the shapes and tones are used to greatest effect. The interior space of the main saloon was reduced slightly to allow for a bigger aft deck area, with the deck furniture covered in Fendi fabrics. The use of large windows enhances the feeling of a large yet comfortable living area. Morever, the main saloon was designed as a single area. Here, the use of white oak pillars with design leitmotifs provide design continuity. 

The custom-made white leather sofa and the oval silver armchairs were manufactured by the French artisan Phelippeau Tapissier of Paris, following a design by the Negoescus. Between the sofas, there is a low coffee table with an elliptical shape made of Marquette de Paille. Customised fine wool carpets with a wavy pattern branded Tai Ping were added in to complete the look, and give a fine feeling underfoot. Much of the furniture is either by Armani Casa or Fendi Club House. In order to give the guests a more open, panoramic view, low furniture was used and mirror windows were installed to allow for better sightlines.

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The saloon also features a spectacular bar area on the port side just behind the entrance from the aft deck, enabling servers to tend to guests wherever they choose to lounge. The bar itself is custom made and covered in Portoro – a black marble with gold veins. If you ever wanted to feel that you were living the Scarface life, this is the place to do it. The rest of the bar structure was covered by strips of straw, hand cut and glued to the bar by the Paris-based firm, Atellier Lison de Caunes. A bronze-coloured mosaic covers the bar lining. If ever there was a place to listen to Frank Sinatra while enjoying a cocktail, this is it. 

Should you happen to look up while enjoying the beverages from the bar, you’ll notice that the saloon ceiling features circular patterns and shapes that are meant to recreate the rays of the sun. These lines also hold the ceiling panels up. 

Crn Darlings Danama 13

It is often the habit of superyacht main decks these days to have a low divide to create a separate dining space away from the main saloon. On Darlings Danama, the owners obviously felt that a very discrete place was needed. A decorative glass screen – “verré gravé” – with geometrical patterns designed personally by the architects and custom made by French artisans, was installed. It is in the dining area that modernity finds free rein, with an oval dining table in keeping with the curvy motif that can seat up to 14 people. The alternating black and white chairs recall the swinging 60s, so the dinner conversations will certainly be inspired. 

The main deck is also the location of the master suite, placed forward to give magisterial views of the sea as well as a cocoon of privacy and intimate luxury. And not just luxury, but all the convenience that a busy businessman might expect as well. The owner’s suite comes with a very finely finished study/office area, with custom black lacquered desk and leather top. There’s even a bookcase to keep your favourite references. But perhaps much more importantly, Darlings Danama’s master suite also comes with a video conferencing system by Polycom (also available in a hall upstairs), letting the owner stay in touch with worldly affairs if required.

Crn Darlings Danama 14

Like the main saloon, the master suite was designed as an open space. Dividing the bedroom from the enormous bathroom is a screen completely covered in mother-of-pearl. The dominant colours of the suite are gold and silver which, combined with the mother-of-pearl, give the feeling of a truly royal chamber. All the shelving and storage units in the suite are made of white oak to continue the design ethos, while the main entrance doors are covered with Galluchat leather and silver leaf.

Crn Darlings Danama 15 

As with much of Darlings Danama, the art streak is ever present, with furnishings again custom designed and built by Van der Straeten, who decorated the centre of the room and added more light. A beautiful bench covered in leather with a bronze base and lacquered polished wood join the other fine finishings. A TV and inbuilt fridge are also to be found in the master suite, making this owner’s area almost completely self-contained. In the full beam bathroom area towards the bow is a dressing area, with toilets and a big central square Jacuzzi Aura tub, which is inbuilt in the mother-of-pearl walls. 

If all this sounds too good to be true, there’s actually much more to the suite. CRN worked with Videoworks and the Polytechnic University of the Marche to remove all ambient sound in the bedroom area using microphones that register background noise and then emit a noise of opposing frequency. This kills all sound waves and creates a perfectly quiet atmosphere. 

The master suite also features a special terrace that can be left open while the boat is underway. A coffee table and armchairs can be added outside, creating the ideal place for an early breakfast in privacy, with spectacular views to go with it. Everything on the terrace is branded Fendi, just for safety’s sake. 

The master cabin, along with all sleeping areas, including the captain and crew cabins, are equipped with an on-demand audio video system based on the Kaleidescape system. This can be controlled from the AMX touch panel by Videoworks. 

You’d be tempted to think that with so much attention lavished onto the master suite, there’d somehow be nothing left for other guests. But you’d be wrong of course. The lower deck is dedicated to guest cabins, all of which continue the theme of white oak and woollen carpets, and fine, branded furnishings. All the fabrics in the cabins are from Armani Casa and Rubelli. All the baths are from Teuco, an Italian firm specialising in designer baths.  

Every cabin has a relaxation/socialisation corner with a sofa and a bench, as requested by the ship owner. All the cabin portholes have a backlit silver leaf mirror screen. The material used to furnish the guest cabins on the left towards the stern, is hand-made Marquetterie de Paille, made in France. The headboard, the bedside tables and the bench at the bottom of the bed are made of straw while the sofa on the side is covered with white leather. The fabrics of the bed cover have gold and beige shades.

Crn Darlings Danama 16 

Another open space guest cabin is situated on the starboard aft of the ship. This cabin is furnished with a rotating TV and a leather corner sofa. This cabin is also the only one that has a shower and a Jacuzzi, and the wall is covered with silver Sicis mosaic.  

A fifth VIP guest cabin is located on the upper deck towards the bow to the left. It has a great visual impact and maintains the open space style. It has a wardrobe that is completely covered with Marquetterie de Paille that partially divides the cabin from the bathroom.

In addition, the guest halls, the guest cabin on the upper deck and the master suite are equipped with the domotics system to control curtains, lights and air conditioning. Every guest area is equipped with a system to call the crew, with calls made direct to the iPods of the crew and to fixed panels in the pantry and crew dinette stations.

In spite of all the luxury living that’s available on board in the interiors, Darlings Danama offers plenty of outdoor spaces and access to the sea that sun lovers and water sports enthusiasts will appreciate. The cockpit on the upper deck aft is furnished with a structural circular sofa covered with Perennials Plushy fabrics and an adjustable circular table made of natural teak that seats up to 14 people.

Crn Darlings Danama 17 

One floor up, there is a huge outdoor open space at the stern of the sun deck. An American bar features high stools branded Fendi Club House. Aft is a large relaxation area furnished with eight sundecks and small tables, all made by the Spanish company Vondom. The sofas in this area have sharp angles that characterize the outdoor furniture, to contrast the sinuous and curved style of the interior. In all, the space resembles what you’d find in a resort’s outdoor lounge. 

Crn Darlings Danama 18 

The lobby of the sun deck has a small reading room with a panoramic view towards the bow. Outside, on the bow, there is a circular raised platform with a Jacuzzi pool and surrounding cushions. 

Crn Darlings Danama 19 

Towards the bow of the upper deck, there is the circular bridge that has three total watch engines with two radars of different capacity, a medium-range such as radar X and a long-range such as the S-band and the full electronic chart. For the first time a fibre optic compass, six 27-inch Sperry monitors and a GSM Roaming system, which can use the GSM line outside the terrestrial coverage via satellite communication, were built into the system on an Altobridge platform.

The large garage behind the main deck lounge area holds two 7.5-metre Castoldi tenders with electro-hydraulic lateral openings. Right behind that, towards the bow, is the engine room combined with the control room. Darlings Danama is powered by twin Caterpillar 3512B engines that allow it to reach a cruising speed of 14 knots and a maximum speed of 15. The boat is classified as top-class in the Lloyd’s Register of Shipping and is compliant to the MCA regulations. Darlings Danama has a range of 3000 nautical miles at her cruising speed. 

The yacht’s stern hatch turns into a large beach close to the sea. Furnished with sun beds, the area can also be used as a solarium. Forward of this space is a relaxation area where guests can lay back in comfort, or enjoy the removable shower after a swim. Diving equipment is stored up in the bow and can be made available on demand. Guests may also contemplate trips to shore, before returning to the sumptuous surroundings of Darlings Danama for some cocktail comforts.

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