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CRN – J'ade

CRN launches a superyacht whose tender mercies could be the envy of all

Superyacht builder CRN, a part of the Italian yachting powerhouse Ferretti Group, seems to be about taking bigger steps these days, in terms of business and design. In business, the company has just announced its intentions to refocus on the Asia-Pacific, staging a large press appearance in Hong Kong and in Hainan. This coincided with the establishment of a Ferretti Group dedicated office whose aim is to raise the profile of the brands of the Group. Crn Jade 4CRN, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, also seems keen to revamp its look. Zuccon International, headed up by Gianni Zuccon, has been a design partner with the whole of the Ferretti Group for years. Recent design innovations like the Dislopen series, which was released in 2011, seemed to indicate a desire to push forward with new looks. The latest launch from CRN, J’ade, is not the largest in the CRN line; that would be the 80-metre Chopi Chopi, which was launched just before J’adeCrn Jade 3Where J’ade differs is in the looks. A superyacht reflects an owner’s idea of beauty more than any other purchase, except possibly a home. What yards can achieve these days is truly remarkable, and what CRN have done with J’ade is reflect some very complex ideas into a unique yacht whose appearance on the inside and out may draw strong opinion, but will nonetheless be fascinating. Above all, this is a superyacht dedicated to luxurious living at sea.

Start with the outside. CRN and Zuccon International seem to have borrowed a few of the stylings of the Displopen series (Dislopen combines Displacement and Open), with a combination of swooping curves in the superstructure, while maintaining the large, angular window designs. The steel hull is coloured “warm gray”, though it appears more as Rose Quartz. Whatever its name, the colour is unusual and will certainly stand out in harbour.Crn Jade 6Crn Jade 7Crn Jade 8Crn Jade 9Crn Jade 10As you approach J’ade, the complex mix of shapes and styles seem a bit confused at first. It starts to make more sense if you’re approaching on the Riva Iseo tender and the tender bay garage door opens up, letting you drive the boat right inside, with no need for a crane nor any other deployment/retrieval mechanism. The side hatch is operated hydraulically and the internal basin fills with water to allow the tender in and out easily. Underwater lights in the basin create a fantastic visual effect, and the whole garage basin, which holds over 18,000 litres, can emptied and dried in three minutes. The doors when open act as attenuators to make sure there is no disturbance as guests move from tender to yacht. This is the stuff of James Bond villains and it would make any owner feel like a kingpin waiting to take control of the world. As the tender is secured, the guest or owner can simply take a step into the beach club area. Like no other superyacht, the tender garage and the beach club lounge are integrated into one stylistic space.

Crn Jade 14 Beach clubs on superyachts these days are de rigueur, and it’s rare to see a yacht without something on the transom for lazing away at anchor. Most now serve as water sports centres, where tenders and toys can be docked and boarded. On J’ade, the beach club is more akin to a lounge area by the sea, with its guests draped in finery and evening wear. 

Naturally, guests will want to explore this yacht when on board, and there’s plenty that the owner, CRN and Studio Zuccon have done to make this superyacht a visual treat. A combination of dark woods, marble (much of it Jade green, naturally), leather and metals are used to create a rich, textured environment. Crn Jade 32Crn Jade 28Guests who decide to retire to the main interior areas of J’ade will have plenty to keep them busy. Entering up to the main aft deck area and through the aft deck doors, guests will be sorely tempted to stop for a drink at jade bar. Here, green marble and jade along with some innovative displays will keep guests in their cups. The bar is set upon an aquarium, giving guests something to discuss as they down the latest cocktail creations. A hidden door near the main deck bar provides passage back down to the beach club/tender garage, if the party migrates to the waterside. Crn Jade 26Proceeding forward, guests can relax in a saloon that features cream overtones in the furniture paired against the dark chocolate tones of Afromosia hardwood floors. Here, the lighting has been kept elegant rather than brilliant, with the aim of having an evening atmosphere. There are six, full-length columns covered in backlit white pergamena integrated in the furnishings, which provide soft, indirect lighting. Crn Jade 25The spot that would normally house a huge dining table has been instead used to house a white grand piano. More than a few superyacht owners these days are looking for other ways to use the space that would normally be for a dining area. Having space for live music has to be one of the newer ones.  Crn Jade 29Crn Jade 31Crn Jade 30Crn Jade 24Heading forward, one finds the main atrium and stairwell, connecting all four decks. The main lobby features a crystal lift that connects all the decks and reaches the master suite through the owner’s study. From there, there is the now-classic layout of galley to portside and entry into the owner’s area on starboard.Crn Jade 33The owner’s space begins with an office that then opens up to the full beam master cabin. The master bath has been placed forward, with stowage aft. Cream on dark wood continues as the main design motif in both the bath area and the cabin itself. A small alcove with curtains sets apart from the main area. Crn Jade 34Crn Jade 35Plenty of superyachts these days also come with fold-down terraces. J’ade has its fold down terrace in the master cabin, and this will certainly provide the owner with peaceful moments at anchor. But CRN has engineered its terraces to be open while the yacht is underway, thus providing the owner with a particular treat – coffee and breakfast on the go. Crn Jade 37Crn Jade 40All the fabrics and furnishings in the owner’s suite were provided by Fendi Club House Italia, with much of the upholstery done in white-silver coconut leather. But the real treat would be waking up and putting your feet onto the silk carpet that has been inlaid into the flooring surrounding the bed. Crn Jade 45The lower decks feature four guest cabins with flexible sleeping arrangements designed to accommodate varied numbers of people onboard. Two cabins are doubles, while another two can either be doubles or the beds can be separated, creating twins. The two dedicated double berths have the beds located diagonally in the cabin, allowing for a better distribution of space around the bed. Loro Piana fabrics were used throughout the guest areas. Crew cabins are located in the lower deck forward. Crn Jade 42Crn Jade 44Crn Jade 43Heading to the upper deck, guests find some interesting interiors, with slightly inward angled, large windows providing excellent views. In another break from traditional layout, a formal dining table has been put in the upper deck, with comfy settees on the starboard. Crn Jade 12Crn Jade 11Crn Jade 13The upper deck opens up onto a very large aft deck, where a round dining table with seating for up to ten people is located. Just aft of this is a set of settees and coffee table. The whole space is served by a dedicated wet bar. Crn Jade 18Crn Jade 17Crn Jade 20On the sundeck, sun worshippers get their way, with a huge amount of space given over to tanning, as well as spa-going. There are three distinct divisions on the sundeck. Forward is the spa pool, surrounded by sun pads.Crn Jade 22Crn Jade 41Through a sliding door, there is an interior space that offers a spa/wellness space that is covered in sparkling jade tile. Opposite, there is a gym for those who need to buff up before being seen in swimwear. Towards the aft end, there is an open area for lounging. It will be hard to get some guests off the sundeck. Crn Jade 21There is accommodation for up to 14 crew aboard, with a maximum number of ten guests aboard, giving a very high ratio and ensuring excellent service standards. The captain has been well-looked after, with a spacious wheelhouse and private cabin just behind the wheelhouse. The main galley is huge and features plenty of cold storage, ensuring that guests and owner will always be provided for. The crew enjoy two large messes, with all the service stations linked together to ensure separation of crew and guests. Crn Jade 46Crn Jade 2The main technical space houses the twin MTU engines which are capable of pushing J’ade to a cruising speed of 14 knots and a maximum speed of over 15 knots. The yacht has a range of 4000 nautical miles at a cruise speed of 12 knots. Additional tenders are stowed at the bow area. But the overall cool factor of being able to drive a tender into the aft garage and look in-place in a tuxedo will surely be the main draw, for owner, guests and admirers. Crn Jade 16

Technical Specifications – J’ade

LOA: 58.2m

Beam: 10.2m

Draught: 3m

Construction: steel hull/aluminium

Gross tonnage: 939

Displacement: 775 t

Class: Lloyd’s Register, MCA

Engines: 2 x MTU 12V 4000 M63

Max/Cruise speed: 15/12 kts

Range at 12kts: 4000nm

Naval architecture: CRN Spa

Exterior and interior design: Zuccon International Project