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Lurssen Quatroelle

Quatroelle offers up what every owner wants: the L words that make the world weak at the knees

Love, Life, Liberty and Luxury. These are the four “L”s that make up the name, Quatroelle, which means four times the letter L in Italian. Delivered in January 2013 by the Lurssen yard, Quatroelle is a spectacular display of beautifully subdued luxury aboard a technically superior superyacht. According to her designers, Nuvolari Lenard, she has much in common with a ship. Indeed, at 86.11 metres, she was designed for long range cruising, with just a few stops in ports. For the owner, Quatroelle should cover each L quite well. 

Lurssen Quatroelle 11

The owner, who upgraded from a 60-metre Lürssen, has years of experience owing and chartering superyachts. One of the things that experience in yachts (or boats of all types for that matter) is that quality is its own reward, and that investing in quality is worth it in the end. It’s clear from looking at Quatroelle that the owner wanted, and received, a top notch job, both in terms of styling and engineering. 

The owner’s captain, Paul Bell and the team around yacht broker Robert Moran of Moran Yacht and Ship, supervised the project, bringing plenty of experience to the project. Nuvolari Lenard found themselves designing their first Lurssen superyacht, as they handled both the exterior and interior design – a huge task for such a voluminous yacht.

 “We wanted a true piece of Italian design; therefore aggressive, streamlined and elegant as we imagined our new yacht should look,” the design duo said in a statement. “Lines aren’t therefore always concluded, nor (are) superstructure or full shapes prevailing; they logically match.” 

Lurssen Quatroelle 8

With careful volume distribution and a study of proportion, Nuvolari Lenard managed to create a sleek appearance for Quatroelle. With the clear fore- deck, which doubles as a helipad, and the inverted funnel design, Quatroelle is a six-deck superyacht that retains a very curvaceous look over its profile.  

But it’s on deck and in the interiors that guests are subject to the biggest of Quatroelle’s treats. The interior has been described as “eclectic contemporary”. That broad term can cover a lot of design possibilities, but overall, it seems to refer to the varied design impulses present in each of Quatroelle’s rooms and decks that are all luxurious, but all designed to put people at ease.

The comfortable feeling comes from a balanced connection between design tradition and the best use of the decorative materials that Europe has to offer. The breadth of custom-designed items stretches from pieces of furniture and hardware to lighting, all of which are combined a sophisticated palette of woods, stones and fabrics. 

Stepping aboard Quattroelle through the main entrance is to be embraced by a wood and marble floored foyer, which also has a very impressive staircase and elevator, which accesses all decks from lower deck to bridge deck, and a day head. A bronze, handmade balustrade offsets the near-perfect symmetry of the main foyer, with the twisting and intermingling lines yielding a visual shock to the guest. 

Lurssen Quatroelle 13

Aft of the foyer, guests directly enter the formal dining saloon, which offers seated dining for 16 but which can also be enlarged to seat 20. Dining areas on superyachts have been something of a challenge for designers. After all, with some other beautiful places to enjoy a meal, how to make the dining area accessible; enjoyable? To answer that, Quatroelle’s bulwarks near the dining area were built as outboard folding flaps, letting fresh air and sea views in to diners.   

The dining room can be completely separated from the main saloon and library, which are further aft. The chandelier is a piece of art as well as the table. The dining table combines a weavy metal panel, engraved with a thick glass top. Its depth captures the light of the beautiful chandelier above. The patterns in the carpet are repeated in the fabrics of the wall and the chairs. The side wall which separates the dining room from the library is covered by leather, of which an artist has incised floral pictures. 

Lurssen Quatroelle 4

The library and formal main saloon offer large, discrete spaces for guests with different comfortable couches and chairs in warm brown, beige and blue colours. Pieces of furniture are executed with a sharp eye for detail and finish, from the blue artglass, to the curved and bold shapes of the joinery. Most superyachts seem to focus on having one conjoined area on the main deck, while Quatroelle heads the opposite way. Here, guests can relax in small groups and enjoy the sumptuous surroundings. 

Lurssen Quatroelle 10

But the main deck on Quatroelle offers some other surprises. Just forward the amidships lobby, there is a huge cinema that takes up a space nearly as large as the dining area on the starboard side. This cinema has been designed with a kind of uber-casual opulence that will make movies a treat to watch. Deep pile carpets and cushy sofas will have guests, worn out after a day on the water, cocooned in cinematic comfort. The cinema is also big enough to host almost the entire complement of guests onboard.

Lurssen Quatroelle 15

Further forward, the main deck houses all five guest suites, an unusual design for a superyacht, where guest cabins are often below decks. By resorting to this layout, the designers have ensured a cleaner separation of crew and guests areas. At the same time, guests have the benefit of cabins that are brighter and feel more spacious than those below decks. 

Three of the guest suites are large VIP suites, with double beds. The other two have twin beds that can be converted to queen-sized beds if needs be. The décor of each cabin is different, but with themes of browns, beiges and blues throughout.

Lurssen Quatroelle 1

For the owner, the upper deck is home. In fact, the whole forward half of the upper deck is given over to the owner, who will certainly feel like a king in this space. There is a private study, two cabins for children, the owner’s suite, as well as his and hers bathrooms and dressing rooms. There is even an owner’s Jacuzzi in the area. The owner’s suite faces forward and takes in the sweep of the surrounding sea with all the windows open.  Even better, there’s a side door that opens up to a forward-facing private seating area. You can’t ask for a better place to enjoy an espresso and go over the FT online. 

Lurssen Quatroelle 5

The outside forward deck is designed to be the owner’s private area, separated by privacy doors on the exterior walkways on both sides, but it can also double as a helicopter deck. This lets the owner arrive on his yacht and enter into a luxurious world in private. 

Lurssen Quatroelle 2

The aft half of the upper deck is a single-space entertainment and lounging zone. Large amounts of seating and relaxation areas are set aside with big TV screen, bar and a self-playing Steinway piano. The Earth-colours of the upper deck are shown up dramatic fashion with huge windows and spectacular sea-views. 

The outside aft deck gets even better. There is dining space for up to 18 people, while the surrounding sunpads can be a spot for just hanging out all day long. Nearly the complete aft deck can be closed with glass panels, with heaters overhead available for those wishing to enjoy the view but not the temperature. The aft deck also has triangular awnings for protection from the sun. This is complemented by outer lounge seating. 

Lurssen Quatroelle 3

Finally, up on the bridge deck, one finds the so-called owner’s private lounge, though guests will certainly want to join in the fun up here. This space is fitted with light, cream-coloured tones and fixtures that create a Pearly Gates effect. The effect is to make you feel as though you’ve transcended into a higher realm. Just outside on the aft bridge deck is a large plunge pool with a jet flow current. The surroundings here are suited to that of a six-star beach resort. 

Lurssen Quatroelle 6

Finally, there is the top deck, and here, guests aboard Quatroelle will feel like the kings and queens of all they see. Stairways on both sides access this little haven, with a sheltered exercise room, sauna and massage area complementing the Jacuzzi whirlpool forward, and a set of sun loungers aft. Buffed up and washed up, guests will be ready to descend to Earthly delights ashore after a spell up here. 

Lurssen Quatroelle 14

A superyacht by Lurssen is an experience in quality, and that extends to the engineering and practical aspects of the yacht as well as the appearance. Any superyacht owner knows that these aspects lend themselves just as much to the quality of the experience as the design or the fabrics. The wheelhouse is state of the art and has a ship’s office to port and captain’s quarters to starboard.

Often, the little touches tell you about the care that goes into the engineering. For Quatroelle, the water for the Jacuzzi and the pool are stored in separate tanks to keep the temperatures distinct, letting guests indulge with minimal notice. All of the crew accommodation has been generously portioned out, with 15 cabins, galley and a nanny cabin located on the lower deck. There are plenty of windows, letting in natural light into the work spaces on Quatroelle

Lurssen Quatroelle 12

Aft in the lower deck is the upper engine room, and then the huge tender garage, which houses two Colombo/LT tenders. One functions as a limo tender and one is an open tender. Both were designed by Nuvolari Lenard, lending a design styling that extends all the way to shore. Both can be launched through side gull-wing doors. There is also a complete complement of water sports equipment. 

A watertight door leads to a beach club area, which includes a day head, a changing room and a sofa area equipped with a TV. Leaving towards the aft through the stern door you enter a bathing area with an enormously sized fold out bathing stair which can also be used as a pick-up point for guests. 

Lurssen Quatroelle 7

The engine room is the heart of the yacht, with polished stainless steel applications. Powered by two CAT engines of 2.000 kW each, Quatroelle reaches a top speed of 17 knots and has a range of 6,000 nautical miles. Elastically-mounted equipment guarantees the quiet running of the yacht and zero speed fin-stabilizers reduce motion at anchor. 

For low emissions the auxiliary engine exhaust system is equipped with HUG particle filters and soot burners, which are fully compliant with the current IMO air pollution requirements. The system provides excellent fuel efficiency as heat is not generated electrically but directly by burning spare fuel, thus demanding less generator capacity.

Lurssen Quatroelle 9

It is these kinds of touches and efficiencies that have become trademarks of the Lurssen-built superyacht. Quatroelle was built to travel the world, and hopefully her owner will have her cruising the Asia-Pacific one day, giving charter guests a chance to tour the world’s most beautiful places, with all four Ls working in their favour. 

Technical Specifications – Lurssen’s Quatroelle

LOA:                                86.11 metres

LWL:                               73.8 metres

Beam:                             13.8 metres

Draught:                          3.9 metres

Displacement:                  2,485 tonnes

Speed (max):                   17 knotts

Range at 12kts:                6,000 nautical miles

Main engines:                   2 x CAT 2000kw at 1600rpm

Fuel capacity:                   229,000 litres

Fresh water capacity:        40,600 litres

Class:                              Lloyd’s Register of Shipping

Berths:                            3 owner cabins; 5 guest cabins, 29 crew in 17 cabins

Tenders:                          1 x Limo tender, 1 x open tender

Designers:                       Nuvolari Lenard