Published: Wednesday, 04 May 2011

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The stunning new CeeMag has entered the Hong Kong boat market. Designed by Dutchman Cees Magner, who decided to “raise the bar significantly” in the motor-launch/day-cruiser boat market, the boat features rugged usability in an elegant package. Discerning and experienced customers can now own a boat that is reliable, beautiful, comfortable – and fast. Magner also wanted to create a boat that is relatively low maintenance.

The CeeMag we sea-trialed in Hong Kong is one of three models available. The ten-metre hull is all-aluminium and sexy enough to be featured as the ‘villain’s getaway boat’ in a James Bond movie. Twin Yanmar 315-horsepower engines, run through ZF220 transmissions and into twin 1:1 ratio UltraJet 251 jet propulsion systems, (a very powerful and efficient drive, favoured by most military forces), this craft can accelerate “very sharply” and hit an excellent top speed of over 40 knots, (approx 50 knots achievable on the nine-metre, petrol-engine variant).

On leaving the Aberdeen Marina Harbour, we set off south in the direction of Lamma Island. Once safely out of port we got right to the test with some hard acceleration. This boat gets up on the plane and up to speed smoothly and very quickly indeed. The awesome torque is translated immediately through the jets to give instant punch. Also noticeable is the smoothness of the ride over choppy waters, thanks mostly to the light-weight (eight millimetre thick) aluminium hull. Weight is a significant factor on a boat of this size and the savings here over fiberglass, together with the uniquely shaped, 47-degree front/17-degree rear deadrise V hull design, increase efficiency and offer a steady and easy ride. Twin custom-built seats from Ullman use dampers to soak up the bumps and take pride of place in this clean, minimalistic interior.

After our final run into Victoria Harbour, the final 15 minutes of our test was spent thrashing about the harbour, and this gathered a large congregation of on-lookers on the waterfront. The new CeeMag will be featured at this year’s Hong Kong Gold Coast Boat show in May. For detailed specifications and inquiries contact Mr. Eduard Van Voorst at

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