Published: Wednesday, 04 May 2011

first amels 199 sold AMELS 199 YN 5501

Dutch superyacht builder Amels, a specialist in semi-custom yachts, has sold the first Limited Editions Amels 199, a 60-metre design by Tim Heywood. Construction of the stylish hull has begun and the first ever 199 is due for delivery in spring 2013. “I designed the AMELS 199 to look powerful and beautiful, a modern classic to reflect a new era in superyachting. I love the power of the vertical bow profile, although I wanted to soften this with the subtle curvature of the scimitar bow shape and the tumblehome in the forward sections. Even in concept form the design has proved to be a real headturner, and I can’t wait to see the reaction now that the concept is becoming a 199-foot reality,” Heywood said in a statement.

A touch-and-go helicopter platform will be add to the foredeck and a central staircase that connects all levels from the lower deck up to the sun deck. Laura Sessa from Rome is handling the interior styling. Two folding balconies are also being added to the original design, indicating the extent of customistion available on Amels Limited Editions series. The owner is a repeat client of Amels. The company is currently designing what will be the largest in its semi-custom fleet, the 73.5 metre Amels 242.