Published: Wednesday, 04 May 2011

hainan progresses with plans to be an international yacht hub

Chinese news agency Xinhua has reported that foreign-registered yachts will be able to stay up to 183 days a year in the waters of Hainan Province as of 15 April, up from the current 15 days, according to a new regulation. Foreign yachts can stay in Hainan waters for a maximum of 30 days at a time, but will be allowed to apply for extensions twice. The figure of 183 days comes from the total allowable under the new plan. Additionally, the new regulation will make more ports available for foreign yachts to do entry and exit procedures. Xinhua quoted Chen Zhifeng, deputy chief of Hainan customs as saying that there was a plan to build 13 more yacht ports, in addition to the current three.

The Hainan government has made tourism development a key component of its economic strategy, and several marina projects are now underway in Sanya, and elsewhere on the island-province. One new marina project, whose construction is well underway, is the Serenity Marina Project of Sanya. This marina is due to host the upcoming Volvo Ocean Race on its only stop in Asia.

Hainan is also quite close to Vietnam and Ha Long Bay, and is also within reach of Hong Kong. Hainan could also become a jumping off point for yachts wanting to visit the Paracel Islands, a collection of reefs and atolls known for clean waters and marine life.