Published: Wednesday, 04 May 2011

kiboko from southern wind2

Southern Wind is a South African shipyard that’s busy making a name for itself in the field of very high calibre racer/cruiser sailing superyachts. Following on from its 78-foot semi-custom series, Southern Wind decided to bring into production another cruiser-racer that is faster still and is tailored to the passionate and experienced yachtsman who wants to experience joy and excitement at the helm: the Southern Wind 94 (SW 94). Kiboko is hull one in the series and this owner’s second yacht from Southern Wind, a South African builder. She was launched in Cape Town, Kiboko was prepared for a 7000 nautical mile delivery to the Mediterranean.

Reichel-Pugh Design and Nauta Design were again recruited by Southern Wind for this first hull, with Reichel-Pugh handling the naval architecture and Nauta the styling. Early projections showed plenty of promise, with Velocity Prediction Program showing the SW94 getting 8.34 knots on six knots of true wind, and apparent wind at 20 degrees. Like many racer-cruisers in this range, the builder opted for the best materials in a strict weight saving program that allows for minimalist but essential luxuries below deck for this blue water sailer.

kiboko from southern wind 1

Kiboko was made of a composite sandwich of carbon fibre for lightness and stiffness. To improve the resistance to impact, some exposed areas of the hull are laminated of a carbon and kevlar fabric woven specifically for this external skin. The hull and the deck are laminated on a female mould using the infusion method. The core in the hull and deck was graded to five different levels of thickness, depending on need, in order to save weight. The sailplan features all-carbon fibre spars, while a racing bowsprit can be removed or added as needed, and can be stored in the sail locker.

Kiboko’s interior layout is typically Southern Wind – the crew quarters are aft while the guest and owner’s areas are amidship and afore respectively, to ensure privacy and peace. The interior design is developed in accordance with the goals of general weight saving and the honeycomb core sandwich constructed furniture is sitting on carbon floor bearers. The styling is simple and clean, and without any excess. The very modern impression is thanks to a well balanced use of wood, natural textiles, leather, carbon, stainless steel and of course, the typical and linear Nauta Design touch.

kiboko from southern wind3