Published: Wednesday, 04 May 2011

nautical partner sweden ab to produce day sailers for chinese market

Nautical Partner Sweden AB, whose part-owner includes Swedish boat designer Ocke Mannerfelt, has signed a joint venture agreement with the Chinese government for the production of sailboats in China. The company’s first factory is already running, with a capacity of 300 boats per year.

The first boat is called Daytripper, an eight-metre day-sailer that was designed by the Mannerfelt Design Team. It was built by Yantai Leading Yacht, a Swedish company working in Yantai, China. The boat represents a new way of thinking for sailboat design. Built in vinylester, using vacuum injection, Daytripper was chosen Environmentally Best Sailing Yacht and Sailboat of the Show at this year's Stockholm International Boat Show in March.

“If this develops well, we’ll design even more models specified for the Chinese market,” says Ocke Mannerfelt. “The boats have to be much more basic and easy to handle to suit the market in China.”

“I can see benefits from the Daytripper that we can use in our other boats. Daytripper is, for instance, unsinkable to give a high safety for the Chinese customers, who are not as used to sailing as people in Northern Europe.” The Chinese government is taking part in the Daytripper project together with Nautical Partner Sweden AB.