Published: Wednesday, 04 May 2011

For most, buying a 60-foot high performance sailing yacht would be the pinnacle of yachting. For one owner, it’s a dayboat only. Launched by French builder Multiplast and designed by German Frers, the Setton 60 may well be the world’s most extravagant day boat. The 18.3-metre hull has a waterline length of 16.6 metres – long in part due to the reverse angle on the bow. The pre-preg carbon fibre hull construction has a Nomex core, with a steel fin keel and a 4.7-tonnes bulb at the end.The mast was also built in carbon fibre, as was the boom. The mast has been designed without backstays or runners.

All exterior surfaces of the Setton 60 have been painted, with the deck finished with anti-skid paint. Teak can be fitted if required, but apparently the first owner was more concerned about speed than luxe. Hydraulic cylinders control the boom vang, main sail foot and halyard. The cockpit is a relatively plain affair – clearly, this boat is about sailing first. Drinks can come at the end of the day in the marina!

the ultimate day sailor 1