Published: Wednesday, 04 May 2011

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The third 2011 Asia Superyacht Conference closed in Singapore on 8 April at the ONE 15 Marina Club with an attendance of over 100 delegates. The two-day conference was opened on Thursday by Arthur Tay, chairman of the Superyacht Singapore Association. In his address, Tay explained that the retiming of the conference from its previous October timing to April was due to a strategic decision to align the conference event with the launch of the 1st Singapore Yacht Show, which opened on the last day of the conference.

Tay also highlighted the economic growth in the region, with Singapore having the world's second fastest GDP growth in 2010 at 14 percent, and he claimed that this had resulted in a surge of interest in larger yachts in the Asia-Pacific. The follow-up keynote speech by Jean-Jacques Lavigne, executive director of the Superyacht Singapore Association, highlighted some statistics into the scene set by the chairman with some key data. He noted that the number of superyachts based in the Asia region from India to China (excluding Australia and New Zealand) is estimated at 216 yachts over 24 metres in length. Motory superyachts represent 90 percent of the total, with sailing yachts making up the balance. Levigne also pointed out that 27 new superyachts entered the Asian market in 2010 – 17 being new purchases and ten yachts relocating into the region. Breakdown of the market by size revealed 11 yachts over 60 meres, 50 between 40 and 50 metrees, and 155 between 24 and 40 metres.

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Top new-build brands in Asia in 2010 for sales were Sunseeker, Azimut and local builder Horizon. An interesting point by Levigne was that 85 percent of the superyachts in Asia are based in Hong Kong, China, Thailand and Singapore.

Andy Treadwell, CEO of Informa Sport and Leisure Group, said: "We are absolutely delighted with turnout and reaction to this third edition of the Asia Superyacht Conference. We naturally wanted to stage the event alongside the new Yacht Show that we are launching here, and the fact that there are so many participants with so much to say only six months after the last forum is testament to the excitement and genuine optimism for the future growth for the superyacht industry in Asia."
The Asia Superyacht Conference is managed by the Informa Yacht Group for the Superyacht Singapore Association.


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