Published: Wednesday, 04 May 2011

zar97  1

The ZAR-Formenti line of boats, which was introduced to Asia by La Marca Marine for the first time last year at the Boat Asia 2010, attracted plenty of attention. The flagship of the line is the Zar 97, which runs a total length of 9.7 metres (32 feet). The ZAR series could be likened to an enormous jet ski, as it features a small cabin with space enough for twin cabins. There is aircon, a full bath with shower and a complete galley.

But the big point behind this interesting boat is the on-water experience, where the deep-V hull, powered by twin 300-horsepower engines, yields very exciting speeds of up to 50 knots. The space savings of a single hull boat combines with the lateral flotation devices of a RIB offers a stable and safe ride even at very high speeds, as well as a solid stance when on anchor. Its no-spray deep-V hull is designed to go through rough seas of up to 4-metre waves (CE Class B).