Published: Wednesday, 04 May 2011

zuccons own

Zuccon International Project, an Italian design studio that is well known for being a top collaborator with six of the nine brands in the Ferretti Group, recently announced the formation of a new Maxi-Yacht Division (which makes five separate design divisions within the firm) to answer a growing demand for bigger yachts, according to Gianni Zuccon.

One of the projects that has been developed by the new division is a 52-metre design that features breakaway exterior styling. A cruise liner look has been used to open up internal space, but there are some added features sure to please, including a fold-down terrace that creates a very large patio by the sea. This is much more than a mere balcony, and once down, the dining and lounge areas on the inside transform into seaside resorts. A heli deck on the enormous aft deck completes the luxury.

zuccons own2