Published: Thursday, 15 September 2011

An unprecedented commercial and productive success opens the new 2011-2012 boating season. Seventeen new mega yachts, nine of which are steel and aluminium Customs between 50 and65 metres, comprise the fleet of new orders that the boatyard will have to build during the course of the next boating season. This represents confirmation that owners value the high degree of styling and design evident in the new Benetti model and appreciate the ability to listen to customers during the design phase, as well as the quality achieved by the boatyard.

Meanwhile, 14 new mega yachts – ten Class and four Custom – were delivered to their owners, who are now sailing them in waters all over the world, a testimony to Benetti’s ability to respond to the requests of its owners with specific solutions that are the fruit of design experience of more than 138 years.

The number of repeat Benetti owners has risen to 40, some of whom over time have purchased two, three, and even four different models, an unequivocal sign of the deep passion that ties Benetti with its owners.

The growth strategy plotted by Benetti, which targets the strengthening and direct protection of new markets and the maintenance of close contacts to its owners, has quickly borne fruit; of these, the sale of three Benetti Classic units, one of the icons of excellence in the Benetti brand for semi-custom models, to three Mexican brothers.

The recent expansion by way of the opening of a service at the United State office for better tracking of the post-sales phase, which is in recovery in terms of the mega yacht sector, and a Hong Kong office for service, as well as the presence in South America, where the widespread representative network ranges from Brazil, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic to Venezuela and Panama, is a testament to Benetti’s intention to protect emerging markets, where grand boating is becoming a new benchmark for local high-net-worth individuals, and to offer owners of Benetti mega yachts already located in the area a direct point of contact. 

Benettishipyard Viareggios3

In order to ensure adequate production capacity, a new dock was recently unveiled in Viareggio: more than 4,200 m2 dedicated, together with the adjacent original site, to the production of Benetti Class range – the collection of yachts from 93 to145 feet built using composite materials. Directly overlooking the “Lucca Docks”, the new site will be capable of accommodating the simultaneous production of three mega yachts up to140 feet, effectively doubling the boatyard’s current production capacity and enabling the entire Class line to be built inViareggio.

This new project, while maintaining stylistic continuity with the older spaces, contains state-of-the-art technology that permits maximum workplace safety and reduces environmental impact, these being fundamental prerequisites for maintaining the boatyard’s high quality standards for workmanship. 

In the meanwhile, inLivorno, the production site for steel and aluminium mega yachts from45 metres, Benetti has launched a new Custom series, FB 800,50 metres, the first mega yacht with a fibreglass hull and an aluminium superstructure. An innovative combination that merges maximum design flexibility, and thus customisation of spaces and environments, with a not insignificant advantage in tonnage, with total weight being kept under 500 tonnes, like other two displacement and one semi-displacement yachts already built from Benetti. 

Benettishipyard Livornos3

Just a few short weeks after its introduction, the new project, FB 80150 metres, has already its owner, who was already owner of a Benetti.


Benetti New Fb801 50mts3