Published: Monday, 19 September 2011

The Iguana 29 planes quickly and can reach speeds of over 30 knots. Its V-shaped hull cuts through the waves, negotiating choppy seas with ease. Stable in the turn, the boat is highly capable on the water and offers a fun and enjoyable sailing experience.

The designer Antoine Fritsch has cleverly incorporated the boat’s amphibious mobility system in the side of the craft, discreetly respecting the lines of the hull. This simple yet effective concept has been patented worldwide. In the water, the caterpillar tracks are retracted and their support arms ingeniously covered to ensure the boat’s impressive hydrodynamic performance is not compromised.

 Iguana 1 2

The Iguana 29 is the result of a long and intensive development process. The original concept was devised in 2007, and the first designs were produced in 2008, with work commencing on the prototype shortly afterward. Numerous structural calculations were carried out by several engineering consultancies, before the boat’s amphibious arms finally took their current shape.

When it goes on sale, the Iguana 29 will come with a number of improvements that have already been identified and precisely defined right down to the last detail, following several months of trials. With its specially designed caterpillar tracks, its 40 hp onshore engine and optimum ground pressure (lower than a pedestrian’s), the Iguana 29 is capable of negotiating all types of terrain with ease. On land, the boat is steered using a joystick.

 Iguana 2

The Iguana 29 offers a high level of comfort, with two bench seats running the length of the boat, and plenty of stowage. It can carry up to 10 passengers. With its sundeck and sunscreen, the Iguana 29 makes for a fun and comfortable day boat. The Iguana 29 is a genuinely multi-purpose boat that can adapt to all kinds of requirements, whether as a tender for dry-land disembarkation, as a leisure craft for sailors looking for freedom from marinas, berths and other constraints, or alternatively for transporting goods and equipment.