Published: Thursday, 20 October 2011

Boat Discharging 1

Just a few weeks after receiving the new Sunseeker Predator 115, Peters & May Asia Team was back on deck to prepare the arrival of the new Predator 130.

Using the ships own lifting gear, the 145 tons  yacht was loaded onto a Peters & May cradle and shipped to Hong Kong, where it was discharged directly to the water.

Due to it's length and weight, the Predator 130 had to be loaded on deck of a breakbulk vessel, unlike the Predator 115 which Peters & May successfully loaded under deck of a container ship. The yacht effectively occupied the full hold of the ship using up all the available space that is normally filled with containers.

This unique shipment was the largest boat ever to be transported under deck on a container vessel!

Peters & May, being completely independent of any carrier association, can offer its clients shipping opportunities that meet both their budgetary requirements and their date expectations.