Published: Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Indo 2

Indonesia's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has signed into law a new maritime tourism regulation that will change the face of yachting, not only within Indonesia but throughout the region, said regional superyacht services provider Indo Yacht Support in a statement. The new law will reportedly  ease regulations regarding foreign yacht visits, create conditions that will encourage investment and facilities, and stimulate the general economic development of coastal communities. The Deputy Minister for Economic Development, Dr. Edy Irawady, announced the passing of the new law when attending the Asean Fair in Bali at the weekend. The release quoted him as saying that “our prime objective is economic stimulus for local coastal communities and this change will achieve this while creating a transparent yachting industry in Indonesia”.

Indo 3

The law is a result of comprehensive consultancy between the Government and the private sector, led by Indo Yacht Support founder Captain Cilian Budarlaigh. Indo Yacht Support acknowledged that there is "much work to be done in ensuring correct implementation" in the country, which is an archipelago of over 13,000 islands (6000 of which are inhabited) spread over an area nearly three times the area of Texas. Indo Yacht Support also recognised the considerable support of Pak Edy. Indo Yacht Support expects the new law will ultimately help open a cruising link for superyachts between the South Pacific and Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean.