Published: Thursday, 01 December 2011

 Iseo 525rit

Luxury yacht builder Riva, a member of the Ferretti Group, is an iconic name in the Mediterranean, known for its glamorous image of the 1960s era French Riviera. Riva began with wooden launches that featured style in abundance and fantastic detailing. In recent years, the company has built ever larger yachts with a focus on fine finishes. Now the company has returned to its roots with the Riva Iseo, a 27-footer that oozes the traditional look and feel of those early lake boats, while offering modern engineering that makes daytripping a dream.

Iseo 482

The Iseo is named for the lake that has been home to Riva’s earliest factories. The Riva Iseo has a deep-v hull below the waterline, which allows the yacht to handle some tougher chop when out in the open, while its 360-horsepower Yanmar diesel can manage speeds of up to 40 knots. 

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A canopy folds out for protection at the push of a button, while the forward seat can be reversed to create a nice social area when at anchor. The Riva Iseo is iPad compatible, letting users plug everything from nav charts to music, as needed.

The full story will be published in the January-February print edition of Asia-Pacific Boating.

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