Published: Friday, 09 March 2012

The Taiwan Yacht Industry Association (TYIA), established in 1983 with the aim of raising global awareness of Taiwanese-built luxury yachts and sailboats, was approved as a full member of the International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA), in January. The TYIA is currently led by Horizon Yachts CEO John Lu and has a membership of 39 yacht builders and 42 other related companies. Tony Rice, ICOMIA Secretary General, stated: “I am delighted we have another Asian member of ICOMIA and we look forward to working with the Taiwan Yacht Industry Association and its members, supporting them as best we can.”

To meet the requirements of full membership in ICOMIA, applicants must be a national marine industry association and legally incorporated. The TYIA is the fifth such association from Asia to join ICOMIA. Associations from Hong Kong, China, Japan and India area already members.

According to YP Loke, Taiwan’s participation means that they can “actively participate and help crafting new rules and regulations that impact industry.” He added, “If they (TYIA) are interested to branch into the refit business, there is also a group for that, apart from the networking which will enable them to engage the existing players and arrange knowledge transfer.” He noted that “Taiwan’s entry adds weight to the Asian voice.”

Loke expects that adding more Asia-based input to ICOMIA’s deliberations may also help lobbying efforts regionally in terms of making the market more accessible.