Published: Friday, 25 May 2012

Heesen Yachts Sells Yn 17042 1

Heesen announced the sale of the first motor yacht to be equipped with Hull Vane® even before the official presentation of this yacht to the yachting community. Created by Piet van Oossanen from van Oossanen Naval Architects, Hull Vane® is a foil fitted below the hull that can reduce resistance through the water by 24% at maximum speed, achieving an average reduction in drag of nearly 18% over the entire speed range. In addition, Hull Vane® also reduces the motion and acceleration of the yacht in heavy seas due to the damping effect of the foil below the hull. When the bow pitches upwards on a wave the foil produces an opposing upwards force at the stern, and vice versa when the bow pitches downwards into a wave trough.

The exterior lines have been designed by Frank Laupman from Omega Architects. Laupman has created a new bow design that combines a lower hull profile and matching sea keeping behaviour with a relatively short overall length, because of a characteristic ‘knuckle’ at half height of the bow. This yacht can accommodate 12 guests in six cabins and at a design displacement of 350 tons, it will achieve a maximum speed of 15.9 knots and a cruising speed of 12 knots.

YN 17042 is due for delivery in 2014 and the project is going to be presented to the yachting community at the Monaco Yacht Club on September 19, 2012.