Published: Monday, 16 July 2012

Poralu Marine Revamps Chonburi Marina 3

Last September, French port equipment firm Poralu Marine won a 1.4 million-euro contract to revamp the Ocean Marina Yacht Club in Chonburi, Thailand. Located in Sattahip, just half an hour to the south of Pattaya, the marina’s renovation is part of a ten-year plan to encourage sustainable development in the region.

The first phase, which was delivered in April this year, involved the installation of two new landing stages. With the increase in capacity, the Ocean Marina Yacht Club successfully hosted the 8th Top of the Gulf Regatta, Asia’s largest such event, between May 4-8. The second phase of the renovation was finished just last month, comprising the replacement of the two existing landing stages. These are now fitted with Poralu Marine’s aluminium-supported Premium pontoons, clad in ECOTECK™ decking in fully recyclable composite wood.

Future expansion plans at Chonburi include an eventual increase to 200 moorings, with another 20 moorings dedicated to mega-yachts measuring between 100 to 145 feet.