Published: Friday, 15 February 2013
Mike Fulton

It has now been announced that Fulvio Dodich, former CEO of Ferretti Yachts, Custom Line and Mochi Craft, is to join Italian shipyard Sanlorenzo as its new CEO.

New Ceo For SanlorenzoMassimo Perotti (right) welcomes Fulvio Dodich on board as his new CEO

Massimo Perotti, chairman and main shareholder at Sanlorenzo, said: “His arrival is a very positive signal for us. Dodich worked for the Ferretti Group until 2007, showing great managerial prowess. He left Ferretti to start a business carrying out consultancy in worldwide acquisition projects. He now wants to come back to the nautical sector and can do that with Sanlorenzo. This means he believes in our company.”

Dodich’s arrival could greatly help Sanlorenzo which experienced a tough 2012. Perotti said: “Despite the financial crisis, Sanlorenzo has kept on growing in the last four years. This year, however, our turnover dropped about 20 per cent. Nevertheless, we will close the year with a small profit. Our goal is to expand through acquisition of new shipyards and Fulvio's experience and his appointment reflect this strategy”