Published: Tuesday, 19 February 2013
Mike Fulton

Modern marina facilities are in very short supply in the Gulf of Thailand but the opening of Siam Royal View's state-of-the-art facility, Koh Chang Marina, has answered the call for a more sophisticated infrastructure.

Opened in November 2012, the Koh Chang Marina is the only facility of its class within a 200-kilometre radius, and one of only two comparable marinas in the entire Gulf of Thailand. The opening of this marina widens the scope for Southeast Asian cruising.

Siam Royal Views New Marina 4

The marina provides berths for up to 75 boats in an environment well sheltered from the open sea, with modern facilities for both sailing craft and motorboats. The now-opened Phase 1 already represents more than 50 percent of the final mooring capacity. In total, the marina will provide berths for 75 boats of up to 27 metres in length, as well as dry berth storage for a large number of smaller sailing and speedboats of up to 12 metres as well as recreational watercraft.

Siam Royal View can also provide safe mooring for superyachts visiting Koh Chang alongside a 110-metre concrete pier.

Siam Royal Views New Marina 2

It is an integral part of the Siam Royal View's Koh Chang property development project. The development offers land-based accommodation and recreation facilities.

Siam Royal Views New Marina 3