Published: Tuesday, 19 March 2013
Mike Fulton

Maritime security leader AdvanFort recently added a new ocean platform, the SG Arizona, to complete its unique pre-deployed offshore support vessel (OSV) network in the piracy high risk area (HRA) in and around the Gulf of Aden.

"The ARIZONA brings to its logical completion a market-driven remedy for those seeking the most secure transit in what is still one of the world’s most dangerous maritime regions,” said AdvanFort President William H. Watson. “By calling it the ARIZONA, we also honor those on the USS Arizona, who perished defending our country. She is yet another demonstration of our unique, cost-effective solutions for mitigating and eliminating risks”

The OSV fleet, part of its Seaman Guard subsidiary and composed of long-endurance vessels, has created the AdvanFort Secure Corridor positioned strategically on the commercial shipping lanes in and around the pirate-infested waters of the Red Sea, the Somali Basin, the Arabian Sea, and the northern part of the Indian Ocean.

The AdvanFort Secure Corridor has been an advantage for all ship owners and operators where it prevents route changes, delays and unscheduled stops. AdvanFort understands that for ship owners and operators in the current economy every minute and every penny counts. The OSVs enable clients to pick up and drop off guards in 30 minutes or less.

Using route-specific intelligence assessments together with strategically-deployed operator support vessels, AdvanFort waits for its clients rather than the other way around. This not only helps AdvanFort manage its costs and pass the savings to its clients, but also helps it tensure delivery with its teams ready well in advance for embarkations and disembarkations.

SG Arizona, formerly named the Alex Challenger and with an endurance of 45 days at full capacity, is just the most recent acquisition. She joins Seaman Guard’s other pre-deployed vessels - the SG Ohio, SG Texas, SG Alaska, and the SG Virginia - in providing an armed security surface escort that bolsters AdvanFort’s highly-effective efforts to protect vulnerable maritime assets.