Published: Thursday, 28 March 2013
Mike Fulton

Kleven has secured a landmark new contract for a high specification, 107-metre expedition support vessel, specially designed for long expeditions in rough waters. The vessel blends a robust, hard-working design with luxurious added extras, including a swimming pool and its own 21-metre tender stored in the bow.

Svein Rune Gjerde, CEO of Marin Teknikk, the designers of the new vessel, commented that the project is an exciting one for both Marin Teknikk and the client's team, "A year ago Marin Teknikk was approached by the ship owners asking if we would design a so-called Expedition Support Vessel," he said.

Norwegian Shipyard To Build A 107m Support Vessel
A design rendering of what the new vessel will look like

"We find that ship owners like our design styles and value our considerable experience - from the design of service vessels for the oil and gas industry to our ocean-going fishing vessels. It is exciting to be able to utilise our employees' know-how to interact with the client's designers and develop a luxury vessel of this type, which is being constructed for a rather different use than the offshore vessels we usually work with. It will be interesting for our design team to use information from the client and integrate it with our own knowledge. The know-how that underpins the development of this vessel is much the same as it is for our other successful offshore vessels, but new regulations and specifications have made this a challenging project."

Ståle Rasmussen, CEO of Kleven, is enjoying collaborating with Marin Teknikk and said: "We have worked with Marin Teknikk for many years, developing numerous offshore vessels together and our collaboration always works well. The contract for this vessel is a good example of our ability to develop and build specialized vessels and prototypes. The ship owners' chose us because they wanted Norwegian design and construction at Norwegian shipyards, due to our quality standards, delivery times and price. We are delighted to have won the competition based on these criteria."

The new vessel will accommodate up to 60 people and is to be equipped with a helipad and helicopter hangar. It will be built at Kleven Verft in Ulsteinvik and is scheduled for delivery in December 2014.