Published: Monday, 18 March 2013
Mike Fulton

Following a decade of promoting its boats in Europe and the United States, Sunreef has decided to expand into Asia - most particularly China. To achieve this, the company has opened an office in one of the most exclusive plazas in Shanghai managed by Ewa Stachurska as the new director of sales. She will supervise all the marketing and sales functions both in China and Hong Kong.

The China division will take part in the upcoming Hainan Rendezvous in Sanya later this March, the China International Boat Show in Shanghai in April and the Hong Kong Gold Coast Boat Show in May. With the exception of the Shanghai show, the company plans to showcase the Sunreef 70 Sail FENG which was delivered to a Chinese client earlier in March.

Sunreef Opens Shanghai OfficeThe interior of the Sunreef 70 Sail, FENG

Sunreef sees this market as still immature with yachting perceived more as a business-related activity for maintaining professional relationships than for pleasure or hobby purposes. They know that this will change one day and want ot be on hand when that happens to help ensure that the recently emerged enthusiasts are aware of the fantastic range of boats that Sunreef has to offer and in that way get a first movers advantage.