Published: Friday, 22 March 2013
Mike Fulton

The Sunrise Yachts’ shipyard in Turkey, is currently building a second yacht in the 63-metre series, Project 632, as well as a sister ship to the 45-metre motor yacht Africa, which attracted a lot of attention from the superyacht industry in 2009, called Sunset.

The order for the first 63-metre vessel, placed in 2010, allowed Sunrise to develop a remarkable technical platform, with a very effective hull as the basis for the largest volume yachts in their category at more than 1,400 gross tons. It did not take long to secure the second order once the client had witnessed the standard achieved in engineering and construction in the first project

The design for both yachts was by Espen Oeino. He managed to combine spectacular spaces and vistas in a relatively compact envelope: a megayacht that can easily enter most marinas. Project 632 brings a fresh approach to interiors with the inimitable contemporary style of Focus Design from Germany.

With a development and construction schedule of less than 30 months, this yacht will be launched at the end of 2014, only half a year after the first vessel. Sunrise had to build a new facility for this project as the original shipyard was designed for the construction of yachts in the 45 to 55-metre range.

Sunrise Yachts Building New 63m And 45m Yachts 3The 45-metre Africa on which Sunset will be based

 Africa was extremely well received by the yachting media and industry in general. It delivered a high quality yacht at a very competitive price. Most importantly, the yacht has proven to be very seaworthy and reliable and has fully satisfied its owner. So Sunrise decided to carry on with the construction of a sister ship using the experience gained from the first vessel. Design-wise, two main modifications have been made: the sun deck has been redesigned, with different seating and lounging configuration, and a larger, rectangular, customised Jacuzzi has been added.

The major change is actually the interior. In contrast to Africa's dark, tropical wood and exotic decor, Sunset's interior, also designed by Franck Darnet, will be bright and warm, using lightwoods, leather wall paneling, mother-of-pearl inserts and a refined lighting design throughout the yacht. This interior can easily be further adapted to suit the owner’s taste.

There are currently five large yachts under construction.  Sunset, being built on spec, has been rescheduled for a delivery in the winter of 2013-2014, in time for the spring-summer season. Project 601 will be delivered in May 2014, followed by Project 632 in December. Based on these in-house developed technical platforms and their experience to date, Sunrise expects to be able to deliver 45-metre projects in less than 20 months and 63-metre projects in less than 30 months.