Published: Tuesday, 26 March 2013
Ryan Swift

The First Mc 5 From Monte Carlo Yachts In Hong Kong 2

The first hull of the brand new MC5 from Monte Carlo Yachts was in Hong Kong just long enough for a test drive by Asia-Pacific Boating ahead of its delivery run down to Sanya for the forthcoming Hainan RendezVous, starting March 30. The MC5 is both the newest and the smallest model in the range from Monte Carlo Yachts, a subsidiary of the Beneteau Group. Unusually, Monte Carlo Yachts, which has employed superyacht designers Nuvolari Lenard for their entire range, has been building downwards, starting with a 76 footer and now coming to this first 50-footer. 

The teal hull, plus numerous other features on board make this yacht very appealing from a design side, while the handling was excellent. The redesigned bow area, which features a finer entry and near plumb bow, handling what waves we encountered with minimal slamming. 

THe new MC5 will be on display at the upcoming Hainan RendezVous over the Easter weekend, and then is expected to tour the region. The MC5 has a top speed of around 30 knots and cruises comfortably at just over 20 knots. Most of the official numbers are still due out, as Monte Carlo Yachts is, in effect, launching their newest creation in China – a considerable statement about where the yachting world seems to be headed. The photos presented here are the first-ever running shots of this new yacht, which will be sure to find favour among entry level buyers and those wanting a stylish weekender. 

The full story will be out in the May-June issue of Asia-Pacific Boating. 

The First Mc 5 From Monte Carlo Yachts In Hong Kong 1