Published: Thursday, 14 March 2013
Mike Fulton

Feadship has welcomed home the 71.6m Feadship Utopia for a range of maintenance activities and technical upgrades. Launched in 2004, this is the second time Utopia has returned to Feadship for a refit, the first being a successful project in 2007 to personalise the yacht to her then new owner's requirements. 

Utopia Returns To Feadship For Refit

"The main reason for coming back to Feadship for this refit is to retain the essence of how the boat was built and ensure she remains of the highest pedigree possible in the world today," says Utopia's captain, Kevin Paul Collins.

The main activities involved in the project are repainting the hull and superstructure, adding a new coat of underwater antifouling, installation of a new A-Sea shore power convertor, installing a new HMSA sewage treatment plant to meet the latest IMO requirements, and reconditioning the teak decks. Feadship will also carry out a wide range of minor maintenance jobs on the exterior, interior and machinery systems as Utopia is updated.

Captain Collins, who has been at the helm of Utopia since May 2011, commented: "Although we have covered some 46,000 miles over the past two years, Utopia has been exceptional. She has also been very well maintained and we could easily have waited another year for this refit. However, when he heard that a dock was available in March the owner changed his cruising plans and sent us off on our third Atlantic crossing in seven months. It is definitely worth the effort as the owner gets a better product. Also, it is a great experience for me, as the skipper, to take a signature Feadship like this back to the yard. It gives us all a real sense of pride."