Published: Tuesday, 02 April 2013
Mike Fulton

Andrew Winch Designs, renowned for creating some of the world’s most lavish interiors for superyachts, properties and private jets, have turned their hand to a luxury helicopter.

The Agusta 189 helicopter is billed as an ideal way of hopping from land to sea, and is expected to be popular with superyacht owners seeking the ultimate lavish accessory for their vessel.

Andrew Winch Designs Luxury Helicopter Interior

It has six seats with built-in noise-cancellation technology allowing conversation in comfort. This helicopter also boasts a glass dividing bulkhead situated between the cabin and cockpit which displays flight information and entertainment to guests while onboard. Other notable features include interactive touch-screen capabilities enabling passengers to browse maps, destinations and places of interest whilst in transit.

“As superyachts sizes increase, we have found that many of our yacht clients regularly request helipads and garaging facilities. So, our new design concept for the Agusta 189 offers clients the opportunity to own a helicopter that provides full ‘lifestyle support’ for recreational activities whilst at sea in the most exquisite of flying environments,” said Andrew Winch.

Established in 1986, Andrew Winch Designs is an award winning British Design studio employing a team of 50 designers at its riverside London studios.