Published: Tuesday, 30 April 2013
Ryan Swift

Crn Launches Jade 15In late 2012, CRN, the superyacht arm of the Ferretti Group, launched its latest 60-metre, J’ade in a private ceremony at the company’s yard in Ancona. The yacht, which has a steel hull and aluminium superstructure, has four decks and a sub lower deck to accommodate ten guests and 13 crew. The hull, described as “warm grey” and mated with a white superstructure, will certainly capture attention.

The interior design was handled by Studio Zuccon and the CRN Design and Interiors department. The style combines wood, leather, marble and metals, and blends it with the mix of natural and artificial lighting. The concept of the vessel's decor is reflected in its name J’Ade, that is, jade green, a colour that is used in different shades for the decor of the ship and in all the decorative textiles in the internal and external spaces.

Crn Launches Jade 5One of the interesting features on J’ade is the floodable tender garage which houses a 27-foot Riva Iseo. Crn Launches Jade 13This garage can be integrated into the lounge area of the beach club. 

Crn Launches Jade 12The Riva is deployed and retrieved without having to use a crane. The side hatch is operated hydraulically and the internal basin fills with water to allow the tender in and out easily. Crn Launches Jade 11Underwater lights in the basin create a fantastic visual effect, and the whole garage basin can emptied and dried in three minutes.Crn Launches Jade 7

Crn Launches Jade 1The main saloon and cockpit aft have several materials in use, particularly the bar area with a green marble top and a structure made of rosewood. Instead of the traditional dining room, the owner wanted an area devoted to music, including a small white Yamaha piano.Crn Launches Jade 17 There are six full length columns covered in backlit white pergamena integrated in the furnishings. Crn Launches Jade 18The main lobby features a crystal lift that connects all the decks and reaches the master suite through the owner’s study. The owner’s suite features a fold-down balcony that can be kept open even when the vessel is underway.

Crn Launches Jade 16J’ade has two MTU 12V4000M61 engines for a top speed of 15 knots and cruise of 14 knots.