Published: Friday, 26 April 2013
Mike Fulton

Special advisor Tim Coventry, who is responsible for international relations for the show organiser KINTEX Inc said: “We have 60 overseas exhibitors from 10 countries and 154 domestic exhibitors. Country pavilions will be from China, Japan, the US through the NMMA, Italy and South Africa. Last year we had 91 overseas and 99 domestic exhibitors. The more than 50 percent increase in domestic exhibitors supported by a further year-on-year increase in leisure boat registrations is strong evidence of strengthened market development.”

Korean International Boat Show Already Sold Out 1

Confirming that the show will go ahead as planned, Coventry commented on the current political situation between North and South Korea: “South Korean are used to the bellicose and threatening behaviour of North Korea and find it hard to understand why the international media have made such a big story of what they consider to be just a badly behaved nuisance rather than a real threat to peace. Despite of all this, we are looking at what will be the largest boat show in Korea to date and we are now becoming one of the leading shows in the Asian region.”

For the trade, there will be an industry conference focusing on Asian boating market information and relevant issues, as well as a business-to-business match-making programme.

The Korea International Boat Show has relocated to the new KINTEX Exhibition Centre in Seoul City for this its sixth edition from May 30 to June 2. This is a major step in the development of the show, which was previously held at the Jeongok Marina on the east coast of Korea, some two hours away from Seoul. The move to KINTEX, one of the most modern exhibition centres in Asia, will allow the show to attract a larger visitor base with over 24 million people residing within a radius of 80 kilometres.