Published: Wednesday, 22 May 2013
Mike Fulton

Australia's Marina Industries Association (MIA) recently conducted its first ever marina operations course in Taipei, Taiwan. 

The two-day course was organised in association with Vincent Kuan, a Keelung-based yacht dealer from YuYue Yacht Co. There were 34 participants on the course from marinas, yacht dealerships, the government and property developers. The syllabus included a detailed analysis of the marina industry both locally and internationally and there was a strong focus on the practical aspects of marina operations and management.

Mia Conducts First Marina Course In Taiwan

Over the past year Taiwan has placed increased importance on developing its marina and boating industry and is now seeking to educate marina managers and government officials ready for future developments.

MIA president Andrew Chapman said that the course was a resounding success and had demonstrated the commitment within Taiwan to strengthen its marina and wider recreational boating industries.

“Throughout the two-day course there was a high level of participation and enthusiasm,” said Chapman. “Vincent Kuan is to be congratulated for his excellent work. The success of the course provides a sound platform on which to sustain and grow the Taiwanese marina industry.” 

Discussions are now underway to conduct further marina courses and to establish a range of linkages between the Taiwanese industry, related government agencies and the MIA.

Vincent Kuan explained to APB that previously local people were banned from owning or operating boats in and around Taiwanese waters but the laws were changed in late 2010 and this has resulted in a surge in local ownership. The problem is that Taiwan, which had traditionally been a builder and exporter of large boats, had not invested in local marina facilities since there was no local market. All that has now begun to change and there is a sad lack of berths spaces.

It was for this reason that Kuan got involved in setting up the MIA training. He foresees that with increaed berthing facilities will also come increased sales. Taiwan only has four marinas to service the whole country. One new marina has just opened in Keelung and another will open shortly in Yilan on the east coast. Looking to the future, Kuan sees opportunities for marinas to be built further south in the picturesque cities of Tainan and Chaiyi, both on the west coast of Taiwan.