Published: Wednesday, 15 May 2013
Mike Fulton

French marina construction firm Poralu Marine has completed the installation of a new marina in Shimei Bay, a seaside resort on Hainan Island in Southern China.

This project was the result of combined efforts between Poralu and its Chinese partner, the Asia Marina Consortium (AMC) group.

New Marina Completed At Shimei Bay In China

Shimei Bay is a large-scale project sponsored by China Resources Construction, a key real estate developer in China, and includes several five-star hotels that will open in November 2013 and top-of-the-range residences in the form of private villas on small artificial islands. Also included are the marina, a yacht club, technical and storage areas, an apartment hotel, a condominium, a golf course and some commercial areas. For this project China Resources partnered with the NDA Group as its design partner to help develop this high-end resort and it was this project that gave birth to the marina concept. Indeed, it was NDA that recommended Poralu Marine for provision of the pontoons.

Shimei Bay is strategically located between Boao, Clearwaterbay and Sanya. Like other countries, China needs a proper network of marinas to make navigation safe and provide destinations for boaters and Shimei fits this need perfectly with its lovely natural surroundings and easily navigable waters. It will welcome both local and visiting boats

The marina welcomed its first boats about three months ago. The construction contract was signed in early 2012 and the installation of the first 80 berths took place in pace with deliveries, which were staggered between July and November 2012.

New Marina Completed At Shimei Bay In China 2

The floating pontoons, supported by an aluminium structure, are equipped with composite wood decking, designed using entirely recyclable and ecological materials, from the Poralu Marine range. Installation was completed in late January this year.

Phase II of the project will begin later in the year. When completed, the Shimei Bay yacht marina will have 250 berths for 12 to 60-metre boats. It is understood that berths will be sold along with membership schemes. The marina is part of the overall development strategy for the Shimei Bay area and is expected to be finished before the completion of the real estate projects nearby and therefore ready to provide service to residents and visitors. It appears that the sponsors and developers are not concerned about any possible property market bubble.

Poralu Marine has installed several marinas in China, notably in Chengdu, Sanya, venue of the Hainan Rendezvous Trade Fair, and also in Shanghai with the Suzhou Creek River marina and the Yinhai marina in Qingdao, home to the yachting competitions during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.