Published: Monday, 20 May 2013
Mike Fulton

Sanlorenzo recently issued a statement concerning rumours that it had filed for bankruptcy calling them completely unreal, unfounded and clearly libelous. 

“We reserve our right to protect the image of our company from anyone who spreads these kind of completely false rumors,” the statement said. 

They have charged their attorneys with trying to ascertain who is diffusing these rumors and proceeding with all possible legal actions against those involved in manufacturing and spreading such news. 

The statement went on to mention how Sanlorenzo, like all other Italian firms, has been weathering one of the worst international economic periods of all time including a shortfall on its payment of some €10 million in VAT to the Government since 2011 which is now due. It reiterated that the company has steadfastly continued with its production and commercial plans and that after a long winter period has emerged with some positive and promising results. 

On the up side, they are currently opening up new 10 new important foreign markets as well as appointing seven new dealers in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and the Asia Pacific region. They now have an order portfolio of some €140 million and have settled deals of about €80 million. The company has also sold about 50 percent of its used boats stock. 

The company sees these results as indicative of a very positive ongoing trend for Sanlorenzo and its current solid position. Sanlorenzo is the only Italian shipyard that has not exploited the Redundancy Fund and has not laid off staff despite the recession. 

Top management is worried that such false information is damaging to the image of the company but also dangerous for the whole Italian marine industry and must be dealt with accordingly, hence their legal action.