Published: Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Yacht Support Group are proud to announce details of the 6th annual Bali Superyacht Charity RDV which will run from July 29th to August 4th 2013. Their renowned RDV party will be held on Friday August 2nd and they expect to at least match the 500 attendees of last year. The event focuses mainly on the charities and fun days for the yacht crews and owners. The Royal Bali Yacht Club will host a crew challenge dinghy race; encouraging large yacht sailors to go back to basics and get their feet wet!

YSG have teamed up with MantaWatch (to distribute local language conservation books) and Rainbow Reading Gardens (to provide after school libraries). Yachts help deliver books and supplies throughout the year to remote villages in Komodo, Mentawais and Raja Ampat islands. “While we may never bridge the gulf between Superyacht Owners and indigenous peoples, we can inspire responsible tourism and interaction that benefits both groups”, said Capt Cilian Budarlaigh of Indo Yacht Support.Bali Superyacht Charity Rdv In July 1The charity RDV event in Bali raises funds and awareness amongst visiting yachtsmen, locals and ex-pats. Eight large yachts have already committed to help with deliveries in 2013. “We aim to inspire people to give of their time on a regular basis – not just donate some cash once a year” said Captain Neil Hempsey “if the charity effort is easy, then people will stay involved without needing our continual input, and this is a long term target of ours”.

The charities supported are: Yacht Aid Global (, Bali Street Kids Orphanage (, Pulau Banyak Turtle Sanctuary (, and the Rainbow Reading Gardens ( Funds raised are used to provide much needed medical & school equipment, food supplies and other professional assistance to primary school age kids, as per the “wish list” provided by each charity.

Any persons or organizations wishing to join the continuing charity efforts of the Bali Superyacht  Charity RDV should contact the Yacht Support Group, which has agency representation in 13 regional countries, offering visiting Superyachts superior back-up from the Maldives through to PNG.