Published: Friday, 14 June 2013
Mike Fulton

Southern Wind Shipyard has proudly announced the departure of its 40th sailing yacht, Hevea, the new SW 102DS, which is now sailing to the Mediterranean on her maiden voyage.

Hevea left the shipyard under her red gennaker across Cape Town’s harbour. She radiated her beauty and strong personality shaped by her owner, a businessman with a passion for comics. 

Southern Wind Launches Sailing Yacht Hevea

Launched in late February 2013, Hevea began her 7,500-nautical mile voyage from South Africa to Genoa, Italy, a unique test of her capabilities. Coming less than a year after the launch of Almagores II, Hevea is the second boat in SW 102DS series. She is designed by the same team that penned many other SW models: Nauta Yacht Design for the general design, deck and interior design and Farr Yacht Design for the naval architecture, sail plan and appendages.

Southern Wind Shipyard, a leader in the 100-foot range, has built 13 yachts in the SW 100DS series over the past six years. The goal with Hevea was to be as successful as her predecessors in the range, but with more modern hull lines and a considerable gain in volume.

This project has benefitted from the technology behind the yard’s current flagship, the Southern Wind 110’ model, concerning the use of space. Hevea has larger volumes than other boats in the SW 100DS series. This increased space has been generously shared between the saloon, the cabins, the engine room, the sail locker and the lazzarette.

Her interior, one of Hevea main features, is both classic and modern. The ceruse oak and carbon details create a special atmosphere on board, both during the day and at night.

Southern Wind Shipyard is presently working on a third SW 102, this time a raised saloon version, which is expected to launch in mid 2014, and two SW 82 units, the first of which should have been completed by late June 2013.