Published: Thursday, 25 July 2013
Mike Furtlon

The Silver Arrows Marine Granturismo Concept, a unique luxury motor yacht, has just passed a significant new milestone in its development with the signing-off of the final design.

Mercedes Benz Oks Design Of Granturismo Of The Seas

The design encapsulates all the radical new thinking behind the project in a yacht of exceptional looks with an innovative layout and never-seen-before features. The debut Silver Arrow brings a new elegance and dynamism to motor yachts in the 14-metre class thanks to Silver Arrows Marine’s design partner, Mercedes-Benz Style.

“With Mercedes-Benz Style we really have made the first Granturismo of the seas, as one look at the finished design will confirm,” said Silver Arrows Marine’s chairman, Ron Gibbs.

 “There will be nothing else like it on the water, with such beauty and so many innovations. It will have everything that people expect of a luxury yacht bearing the Mercedes-Benz name,” he added. 

The design freeze comes after 12 months of intensive work to test and validate every aspect of the yacht’s functionality and performance. From the start of the project, development has followed the same methodology used in the automotive industry, with clay models and rigorous testing of prototypes. 

Gibbs added: “This process has taken time but by following automotive prototyping practices we can be sure that all the crucial development processes have been completed before actual production begins, not after, as is often the case with motor yachts. We go into the next phase leading up to production confident of achieving our aims.”

Mercedes Benz Oks Design Of Granturismo Of The Seas 1

The Silver Arrows Marine motoryacht realizes the dream of a team of marine industry specialists with backgrounds from superyachts to Formula One motor racing. All shared a passion to build a ‘clean sheet’ 14-metre motoryacht that relies on blending marine and automotive technologies to make what they term ‘a small motoryacht built like a superyacht’.

The Silver Arrows Granturismo Concept has an open-plan cabin offering unprecedented space, light and flexibility for the boat’s size. Unique features include unhindered access to the water from a ‘terrace by the pool’ and a unique rear seating arrangement, maximizing its relaxation space. Inside and out, the design, detailing, materials and colours are more reminiscent of a luxury car than a yacht.

“This motor yacht is about comfort and functionality in every detail,” remarked Gibbs. “In this we have followed the lead of the latest Mercedes-Benz models. Some of the people who worked on these cars are also working with us on the new yacht, including Gorden Wagener, Head of Mercedes-Benz Design.”

The story of the Granturismo Concept’s journey from dream to reality will be presented at the Monaco Yacht Show in late September.