Published: Thursday, 18 July 2013
Ryan Swift

The Nordhavn 120 flagship, Aurora, arrived in Hong Kong early this morning, putting into the Hong Kong Gold Coast Marina, where she'll be fueled up and then head out for a 6300-nautical mile journey, likely non-stop, on her way to Vancouver. Numerous Nordhavn staff, including Jim and Jeff Leishman, the brothers who manage Pacific Asian Enterprises, the company that builds Nordhavns, are joining the Canadian couple on board for the cruise.Nordhavn 120 Prepares To Sail From Hong Kong To Vancouver 1The journey will take an estimated 20 days, and according to Jeff Leishman, the fuel consumption rate on the 120 runs at about 7.5 litres to the mile, and with fuel tanks holding more than 64,000 litres, the journey should be accomplished with fuel to spare. Both Jim and Jeff Leishman have taken notice of the growing interest in long-range expedition yachts in markets outside of North America and Australasia, and seem hopeful about more sales into the Asia-Pacific region soon. Jim Leishman notes that Pacific Asia Enterprises has been approached by potential dealers for Southeast and East Asia already. The Nordhavn brand has become famous for its line of tough, go-anywhere expedition yachts, running from 40 feet up to 86 feet. The new 120 is a big step forward for the brand and its first foray into the superyacht market.Nordhavn 120 Prepares To Sail From Hong Kong To Vancouver 2The journey can be followed by blog on the company's website.