Published: Thursday, 11 July 2013
Ryan Swift

The first hull of the Nordhavn 120 has undergone ocean trials and is on schedule to depart the South Coast Marine factory in Xiamen, China on July 12th. The yacht will be delivered by a crew of staff from Pacific Asian Enterprises, Inc. (P.A.E.) including Nordhavn’s vice president, Jim Leishman, and Chief of Design, Jeff Leishman. One port of call has been scheduled for Hong Kong on July 16th. From there the crossing will take approximately 25 days with an arrival to Vancouver in mid-August.Nordhavn Flagship Launched From Xiamen 1Nordhavn executives have decided to deliver this first 120 on her own hull, with a non-stop range from China to Vancouver running at displacement speed. Nordhavn yachts are well known as long-range, durable cruising boats able to operate independently over great distances. The trip from Xiamen to Hong Kong will be approximately 300 nautical miles, with the trip from Hong Kong to Vancouver covering roughly 6300 nautical miles, without stopping. According to Nordhavn, the delivery will also count as a very extensive sea trial. The yacht has already had two months of seatrialing out of Xiamen, China. Nordhavn builds its yachts in Xiamen and in Taiwan.