Published: Thursday, 11 July 2013
Mike Fulton

Nouvoyage, the innovator of amphibious craft for the luxury and commercial markets, has introduced the Limousine Tender 33, the first-of-its-kind luxury amphibious yacht. 

Nouvoyage Introduces The Limousine Tender 33  5

Besides working on military and commercial uses of its technology, Nouvoyage began analyzing the superyacht market in order to identify uses for its amphibious platform. The result is the world’s first amphibious limousine tender, capable of delivering owners and guests to both water and land destinations in ultimate luxury and style. 

Nouvoyage Introduces The Limousine Tender 33  4

“Nouvoyage recognized that, historically, amphibious vehicles
 have been plagued by reliability and performance limitations due to their complex mechanical systems, preventing this dual-purpose platform from ever achieving large scale deployment,” said Martin Bodley, Nouvoyage’s Chief Executive Officer. “We have created a platform that breaks these barriers with a patented design combining mechanical simplicity with state-of-the-art technologies drawn from leading commercial, military and racing industry advancements. This platform will benefit existing users of amphibious vehicles as well as open doors to many new applications and industries,” he continued. 

Nouvoyage’s improvements include dramatically higher speeds, increased land and water ranges, simple and reliable drivelines, better fuel efficiency, open water classification, climate controlled interior spaces, convertible roofs and windows, luxury interiors and even an onboard restroom, to name but a few.

Nouvoyage Introduces The Limousine Tender 33  3

Bodley further stated: “In addition to technological breakthroughs, we’ve also paid close attention to being green. Our amphibious yachts and vehicles are environmentally designed with rugged commercial series diesel electric drivelines enabling markedly less fuel consumption. This revolutionary design affords unprecedented reliability resulting in worry-free operation and maintenance savings compared to other similarly-sized vehicles.”

Nouvoyage Introduces The Limousine Tender 33  6

Nouvoyage is introducing the Nouvoyage Limousine
 Tender 33’ to the superyacht and resort-properties markets in order to 
capture the imagination of luxury consumers. These custom vehicles
 have many bespoke design options allowing for semi-customised fit
out. This vehicle is ideal for road and waterway 
transportation, combining high performance, sophistication and adventure for the most discerning of clients and their guests.