Published: Tuesday, 16 July 2013
Mike Fulton

Canadian builder, Oxygène Yachts, is set to launch its new AIR 77, an innovatively designed power catamaran, that the Cannes Boat Show 2013. 

Oxygene To Launch Air 77 At Cannes 2.

The creation of designer Frédéric Sarfati and product specialist Raphaël Krepser, this vessel was designed to blend with its surroundings while providing spacious living quarters and fluidity of movement. It offers 280 square metres of living space, 65 of which are dedicated to the salon alone. Stern to bow access is easy and uninterrupted. The view is all encompassing with no blind-spot areas. 

Oxygene To Launch Air 77 At Cannes 1.

There is nothing ostentatious about the design of the AIR 77. She has harmonious lines and integrates well with her environment. She has a low position in the water and her simple shape makes for very efficient manoeuvring in rough seas. Her light weight and shallow draft of only 0.8 metres make for easy access to shallow secluded bays and easy manoeuvrability therein. 

For a 23.5-metre long boat she has an ample beam of 10.4 metres. She weighs in at 35 tons, carries 4,000 litres of fuel and has two 1,000 litres fresh water tanks. She boats a top speed of 20 knots from twin 260 horsepower Volvo engines with UltraJet/MasterJet turbines. Engine power options of up to 600 horsepower are also available. 

Oxygene To Launch Air 77 At Cannes.

The hull is composed of composite, wood, epoxy, glass an fibre and the superstructure is made from glass and carbon fibre. Oxygène Yachts is renowned as a builder of luxury catamarans out of wood and composite materials

She is expected to turn more than a few heads when she appears at Cannes.